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Which Agriculture Equipment Is Best for You?

By: Hannah Comeau

Do you work in a segment of Agriculture? Whether it be farms, orchards, ranches, forestry or similar of some sort, having reliable agricultural equipment is crucial to keeping your production on track. There are numerous types of equipment that are used to handle these types of jobs, some used for various aspects to give you a versatile piece of equipment. Caterpillar supports our world of farmers, and Cleveland Brothers is here to support you in selecting the right machine for your farming needs. Learn more below about the types of farming equipment and what they are equipped to handle.  

Most Used Farm Equipment:  

  • Skid steer loaders are a great piece of equipment to have in agriculture because of their versatility and the ability to switch out multiple attachments.  
  • Mini excavators are another great piece of equipment to add to your agriculture fleet. There hydraulic abilities allow them to maneuver in small spaces and work closely near other objects.  
  • A backhoe loader is another versatile piece of equipment designed to dig up and move around. 
  • Both compact and small wheel loaders are you solution for lifting and moving materials, capable of working in various environments. They are mostly seen with a bucket on the front.
  • A farm telehandler is great for moving material at numerous heights.  
  • Small dozers are used to demolition, dig, level and push material, which is another staple to add to your fleet.  
  • A farm compact track loader is like a skid steer loader, but a key difference is the rubber tracks that give the machine a smooth ride no matter the surface, built to easily maneuver.  

When deciding on which equipment is perfect for your farming needs, it is important to identify what all you will be doing to keep your production moving forward. Another remarkable thing about all these machines listed above is the versatility and how each machine can use multiple attachments to keep your fleet efficient in the ways you need to succeed. Below are farm equipment attachments that can be used with your farm equipment to handle all your agricultural needs. 

Farm Equipment Attachments: 

  • Augers are used to drill through various soil types. 
  • Bale Grabs are perfect for picking up bales of hay with their claw-like bars. 
  • Bale Spears are designed to move hay, which are available in single- spear and dual-spear models.  
  • Brush cutters are the attachment for vegetation control, with cutting into products.  
  • Hydraulic and mechanical couplers are perfect for agricultural needs.  
  • Buckets, with multiple bucket options, find one that fits your agricultural needs. From heavy duty buckets, general buckets, light material buckets, material handling buckets, multi-purpose buckets and material handling arms. 
  • Pallet Forks are mostly used to move palletized materials.
  • Rippers can be used to break ground and dig through dirt. 
  • Silage Defacers are perfect for loosening up the compacted silage.  
  • Straight & Sectional Snow Pushes are both used to clear snow off a surface. 
  • Thumbs are a terrific addition to your machine for extra grip and security when grabbing material.  
  • Utility Grapple Forks are designed to dig into bundles of hay.  

Cleveland Brothers supports our world of farmers and are here to support you every step of the way. For more information, call 844-720-4CAT and a representative will get back to you to discuss your agricultural equipment needs.