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Caterpillar® Launches the New D5 Dozer to Replace the D6N Dozer

By: Cleveland Brothers
July 28, 2020

Caterpillar recently announced a dramatic change to its line of dozers. Shifting from the previous naming scheme, the new Cat® dozers now have model numbers ranging from D1 through D11. The Cat small dozers are now labeled D1 to D3, the medium dozers take up D4 through D8 and the largest dozers finish the list from D9 to D11. While making it easier to find the machine you need, Caterpillar also designed these dozers with upgrades and improvements to help you get more done.

The latest model dozers use the same primary platform as previous models, and the equipment you are already familiar with now has a corresponding replacement. This change includes replacing the legendary Cat D6N dozer with the more powerful, productive and cost-effective Cat D5 track-type tractor.

The Cat D5 Dozer Delivers Power, Mobility and Improved Emissions

The new Cat D5 dozer is up to 16% more fuel-efficient than the D6N, and it offers an updated powertrain that includes the latest model C7.1 diesel engine. The C7.1 engine delivers a whopping 170 net horsepower — 35 horsepower more than the D6N dozer — and features passive regeneration technology to provide steady engine power in the toughest operating environments. The updated engine in the D5 track-type tractor is emissions-compliant and meets all EU Stage V and U.S. EPA, Japan 2014 and Korea Tier 4 Final standards.

These machines come with a fully automatic, three-speed transmission with a lock-up clutch as a standard feature. The transmission provides seamless shifting for uniform acceleration across rough terrain and soft underfoot conditions. Three-speed capability also provides enhanced maneuverability and faster cycle times without any operator input. This machine has improved steering for making tighter turns after each pass, aiding you with finishing jobs in less time to help you gain added productivity.

With a standard operating weight of 42,263 pounds, the new Cat D5 dozer weighs almost 8,000 pounds more than the D6N dozer. Even with a significant increase in weight, the D5 track-type tractor delivers similar operating speeds, with a 6.1 mph maximum forward speed and 7.6 mph max reverse. This powerful machine comes equipped with a VPAT (Variable Pitch Angle Tilt) blade in its standard configuration, with additional options including landfill blades and a foldable VPAT blade.

This machine has a redesigned track roller frame and comes with your choice of a heavy-duty HDXL (with DuraLink™) undercarriage or SystemOne™ undercarriage. The HDXL undercarriage offers up a 40% longer life than that of the D6N dozer. The Cat SystemOne undercarriage is an innovative system with components designed to wear as a whole unit, minimizing downtime for service and maintenance. Moderate and Extreme Service track shoes are available in varying widths, depending on the dozer, to provide best-in-class performance regardless of the application, weather or terrain.

More Comfort and Greater Visibility Than the D6N Dozer

With a spacious and fully redesigned cab, the Cat D5 dozer offers multiple improvements over the cab on the D6N. The new cab has more glass area and a steeper hood angle that offer up to 30% more forward visibility than before. A high-definition camera comes standard and provides a color image on the in-cab 10-inch touchscreen display, helping you get a 360-degree perspective for added job site safety. A wide, adjustable seat with air suspension and modular HVAC system also come standard to keep you comfortable and focused.

The cab is isolation-mounted to help reduce vibration and noise, and the suspended undercarriage absorbs up to 50% of shock loads to provide a smooth ride. The controls are electric, ergonomic and designed to deliver precision maneuvering with minimal effort. Multiple built-in storage areas have been added to help you keep your work area clean. For added comfort, you can install a deluxe leather seat with heading and ventilation, or upgrade to a premium operator cab.

Built-In Technology to Increase Efficiency and Boost Productivity

Caterpillar leads the industry for integrated machine technologies, and the new D5 track-type tractor comes with several as standard and optional features to help you save time and money. With the combined advantages provided by the technology available for the D5, you can gain up to 50% more productivity than with the D6N dozer while maintaining more control over your machine.

Standard and optional technologies for the Cat D5 dozer include:

  • Cat GRADE with 3D: Cat GRADE with 3D for dozers helps you improve efficiency while grading, produce more accurate results and achieve higher levels of performance. This system uses GPS antennas installed on the roof and eliminates the need for using blade-mounted masts or running cables. Cat GRADE with 3D technology also includes Cat AutoCarry™ to help maintain blade load. The Cat D5 dozer comes equipped with the Attachment Ready Option (ARO) for fast integration with advanced Cat AccuGrade™ technology or an aftermarket grading control system.
  • Cat GRADE technology: The D5 track-type tractor comes integrated with Cat GRADE technology installed at the factory, including SlopeAssist™, Stable Blade and Slope Indicate. Using SlopeAssist, you can reach your target slope up to 39% faster — while using 82% less effort — and achieve up to 68% better quality for your finished surface. Stable Blade helps produce faster results by monitoring blade movement and making adjustments, and Cat Slope Indicate provides you with real-time cross slope and mainfall data so you can keep your machine on target.
  • Cat ProductLink™: ProductLink™ technology is an optional feature you can add to your Cat D5 dozer to gain deeper insights into equipment status and operator performance. This wireless system connects via cellular or satellite signal to transmit wireless data to user-friendly Caterpillar web applications on your mobile device or computer. No matter how far you are from the job site, you can use ProductLink™ to access current operating hours, equipment location data, idle time, fuel consumption information and engine diagnostic codes.
  • Additional optional technologies: You can include several other technologies for added performance and control when designing your custom configuration. Blade Load Monitor provides you with real-time, in-cab feedback on your current blade load, and shows your optimal blade load to help you complete jobs in fewer passes. You can also add a Traction Control system to automatically compensate for slippage, helping save time, reduce fuel consumption and prevent premature wear.

Less Downtime and Lower Maintenance Costs

The Cat D5 dozer helps you stay more productive and includes multiple upgrades to simplify your ongoing maintenance. This track-type tractor has longer maintenance intervals than the D6N dozer, reducing downtime and benefiting your bottom line. The in-cab system and connected Cat technology allow you to access remote diagnostics, helping you to address maintenance and repairs proactively.

These dozers cost up to 10% less to maintain than previous models, and you can access all of the maintenance points at ground-level or using the rear-mounted ladder. If you need to get under the cab, you can remove the entire section in 30 minutes. A built-in shovel helps you keep the tracks clean, and the updated LED lighting and improved filters are made to last. You can save time cleaning your engine compartment with a built-in reversible hydraulic demand fan included as a standard feature.

Specialty Cat D5 Dozer Models Are Also Available

In addition to the standard Cat D5 dozer, a low ground pressure (LGP) model is available. These versatile machines also come in specialty models, and you can order a D5 track-type tractor built for tackling industry-specific tasks. Available configurations include:

  • D5 Waste Handler: The Waste Handler package has a base weight of 41,123 pounds and includes a waste undercarriage, rear striker bar/box, center hole track, guarded final drives, waste cab, cabin air pressurizer and a landfill blade.
  • Heavy Duty/Forestry: The Forestry package weighs 40,087 pounds in the VPAT model and has an advanced cooling system providing extra protection for your machine in harsh logging conditions, including sweeps and screens.
  • Fire Suppression Dozer: The D5 can be configured into a 44,644 pound VPAT/46,870 pound LGP VPAT Fire Suppression Dozer with features to provide specialized protection for working in hot fire-fighting conditions.

Learn More About the New D5 Track-Type Tractor

The transition from D6N to Cat D5 dozer has already taken place, and these durable machines are now available for purchase at authorized Caterpillar dealers. These rugged track-type dozers deliver a range of improvements, and when you order your equipment new, you can customize your Cat D5 dozer to add all the optional features, upgrades and technology that you need while on the job.

If you are thinking about adding the power and performance of a new Cat D5 dozer to your fleet, we can help. At Cleveland Brothers, we have over 70 years in the business, and we are the trusted Caterpillar dealer for Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia. Our representatives will show you these machines, explain all the features available and help you create a D5 track-type tractor that makes sense for your industry and budget. For more information or to request a quote, please send us a message.


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