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Introducing our NEW State-of-the-Art Fluid Analysis Lab 

By: Hannah Comeau
September 6, 2022

fluid analysis lab test tubesCleveland Brothers has expanded our S-O-S Fluid Analysis capabilities into a new state-of-the-art lab in Harrisburg, Pa. We’ve invested in new and improved equipment to deliver the results and accuracy needed to prevent unexpected failures and unplanned downtime. Most of all, this new lab was designed with you in mind, offering increased testing lab capabilities and processing speeds.   


Why Sample? 

A visual inspection can only reveal so much of your machine’s health. To reduce machine wear and downtime, it is important to take a deeper look into its fluids. Depending on the type of sample you choose, fluid analysis can reveal:   

  • Diesel Fuel  
  • A fuel test checks for acceptable quality, microbial growth, contamination, and appropriate usage.   
  • Oil Condition  
  • Testing the condition of your oil reveals wear and wear rate, condition, contamination, and proper lubricant usage.   
  • Coolant Analysis   
  • A coolant analysis test checks for correct fluid usage, condition, adequate freeze/boil protection and contamination, which is routine maintenance to have the right chemical balance for maximum system protection and cooling efficiency.  


Convenient Sample Drop-off Locations 

So how do you get your fluid sample to our lab in Harrisburg? Easy–drop your sample package off at one of over 250 parts drop locations, including our 29 Cleveland Brothers facilities, for overnight delivery to our lab. Next, we will receive and process the fluid sample within one business day. However sometimes circumstances arise, and you need results even faster. Simply add on an emergency testing sticker. These stickers work by flagging the sample to receive immediate testing once it reaches the lab. Since these stickers are not offered in our standard testing package, make sure you purchase your emergency stickers in advance, so you have them in the situations you need them most.   


The Cleveland Brothers Difference 

Cleveland Brothers follows all standards set by Caterpillar to ensure customers receive accurate results. During an oil analysis, our technicians perform lubricated systems such as engines, transmissions, hydraulics, final drives differentials, powertrains, gearboxes and compressors. Next, our fuel analysis reveals the overall condition of your diesel fuel including the quality, microbial growth, contamination, and proper usage. When performing a coolant analysis, our technicians look for the coolant type, boil and freeze protection, contamination, and condition of the coolant to test the health for pH, conductivity, nitrite, solids, odor, color and appearance. Try our standard testing today to reveal your machine’s health and ensure it won’t keep you down on the jobsite. Whether you own Cat equipment or a different manufacturer’s equipment, we have you covered! Our team is equipped to handle mixed fleets.


To learn more about our Fluid Analysis Lab or to schedule your service today with Cleveland Brothers, call us at 717-561-3342.