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Next Generation Cat® 313/313GC Hydraulic Excavators

By: Gina Shuleski
March 25, 2020

The recent 2020 CONEXPO-CON/AGG convention revealed exciting developments on the horizon for the construction industry. As the most extensive construction tradeshow in North America, CONEXPO 2020 is an opportunity for the community as a whole to see the latest products, services and equipment available.

This year, Caterpillar revealed the next generation of small excavators — the Cat 313 series of hydraulic excavators. Available in two models, these next-gen hydraulic excavators deliver an incredible list of improvements and upgrades compared to previous designs. If your business performs any earthmoving, you will want to learn about these machines.

Powerful Small Excavators With the Latest Cat Technology

These machines will grab your attention, with Cat C3.6 engines, powerful hydraulic systems and an incredible range of standard and optional features. The Cat next-gen hydraulic excavators also include rear-view and side-view cameras, providing practically 360 degrees of visibility for added safety during operation, without the need to take your eyes off the job.

As the most modern small excavators available from Caterpillar, these next-gen hydraulic excavators come equipped with the latest Cat technology for getting more from your machine. Standard Cat technologies on the Cat 313/313GC hydraulic excavator include:

  • Cat ProductLink™: Cat ProductLink is a wireless system connecting your excavator to specialized software for customized health tracking and data collection from your assets. Using ProductLink, you can take information like fuel consumption, production data and operating hours to create customized reports and improve asset utilization.
  • Cat GRADE with 2D: Cat Grade with 2D for excavators uses onboard guidance and processing systems to determine grade distance and provides real-time guidance to the cab. This technology increases efficiency by up to 35%, achieving precision grades faster while reducing overhead costs for fuel, maintenance and additional labor.
  • Cat PAYLOAD®: Cat PAYLOAD provides instant data to the cab, reading and displaying accurate load weight without interfering with the loading cycle. This technology helps ensure every movement of the machine reaches its maximum potential and prevents unnecessary wear caused by exceeding the recommended load weight.
  • Cat 2D E-Fence: Cat 2D E-Fence is perfect for working in tight spaces, dangerous work zones and areas with high traffic. This technology adds a valuable safety feature to Cat 313 series hydraulic excavators, creating an invisible barrier above and below ground. This barrier stops excavator movement if any part of the machine reaches the operator-defined boundary to protect people, property and equipment from accidental impacts.

The New Cat 313 Series Hydraulic Excavators Deliver Impressive Benefits

If you’ve considered expanding your fleet, Cat 313 series hydraulic excavators deliver more than any other comparable small excavators in their class. Whether a 313 or 313GC model, these Cat next-gen hydraulic excavators offer unique benefits whether you are spending long hours in the cab or managing a fleet of heavy equipment. Benefits include:

  • Higher performance: These machines pack more power than previous models with higher horsepower, faster speed, increased swing torque and more. A Cat 313 series hydraulic excavator is suited for use in virtually any environment, delivering reliable performance in temperatures up to 125 degrees Fahrenheit and a proven cold-start down to temperatures reaching -13 degrees.
  • More efficiency: Cat next-gen hydraulic excavators come equipped with the latest technology systems with many optional systems available as well, depending on your specific project goals. With the latest in Cat technology on board, you can harness the full capability of your machine for more control and faster completion on jobs with the tightest specifications.
  • Better comfort: Operators and fleet managers can both appreciate Cat Comfort, Deluxe and Premium cab designs. These cabs allow operators to focus on the job and keep their hands on the controls. Cat 313 and Cat 313GC hydraulic excavators include USB ports, Bluetooth® technology, a cup holder and plenty of storage space as standard features, while Deluxe and Premium cab designs offer greater levels of climate control.
  • Easier operation: Caterpillar stays ahead in the industry, and the latest Cat next-gen hydraulic excavators have modern features for simplified use. These include remote start using a smartphone app, programmable operator controls and tool recognition for automatic adjustments when switching over. If you need a refresher or have a new operator, you can use the touchscreen controls to pull up the operator’s manual at any time.
  • Simpler maintenance: Cat 313 series hydraulic excavators are easy to maintain and cost-effective, with up to 25% savings on maintenance costs versus the previous model. All fluids and filters are accessible from the ground level for faster changing, sampling and analysis, and the new oil filters offer up to 50% more usable life with a proven 3,000-hour replacement interval.
  • Increased safety: Caterpillar has always been the leader in safety, and these small excavators deliver with a wide range of safety features standard to both models. The Cat 313 and 313GC machines have ground-level emergency shutoff, seatbelts and are designed for easy and safe access into and out of the cab. Additional options are available for optimizing equipment safety, depending on your needs.

Get Ready for the Next Generation Cat 313/313GC Hydraulic Excavator

The next-gen Cat 313 and Cat 313GC hydraulic excavators are scheduled to start shipping to dealers from the factory in May 2020. The preorder period is now open. If you are interested in adding one of these machines to your fleet, you will want to hurry. New excavators will ship to preorders first, and the sooner you place yours, the sooner you can start taking advantage of everything these machines have to offer.

To learn more about the next-gen Cat 313/313GC hydraulic excavators, contact Cleveland Brothers and speak to one of our experts. With over 70 years of experience in the industry, we’re the trusted supplier for Cat equipment in Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia. We’ll show you all the exciting features available on these new machines and help you design a custom configuration for the perfect addition to your fleet.


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