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Advanced Safety with Compaction Roller Attachment

By: Hannah Comeau
November 7, 2022

Did you know there’s an easy way to help ensure a safer on-the-road jobsite with an offset compaction roller attachment? Cleveland Brothers values safety as our top priority, just as safety is the highest priority on construction jobsites. Due to the increased number of jobsite injuries and fatalities in the construction industry, the United States Department of Transportation is working to reduce the number of facilities to zero by 2050. To do so, manufacturers are gearing their focal point to safer solutions on construction jobsites.


Improved Safety with the Road Widener Offset Compaction Roller Attachment

Due to the previous designs of compact rollers, operating on slopes and ditches can create unsafe conditions. To resolve these issues, Road Widener has designed a safer option that works the same as a roller, but as an attachment. This new design works by having the drum attached as an offset arm that can be connected to mostly any grader, compact track loader, wheel loader or skid steer.

This new compact roller attachment is offered by Road Widener. The attachment works by allowing the drum to rotate up to 30 degrees and up to 30 inches below the mounting point, while allowing the machine to stay flat on the ground. Even with this new and approved compact roller attachment, you can still reach the edges of roads, ditches and slopes. This new roller attachment is much safer on construction jobsites and makes a great addition to your equipment lineup.roller attachment

While designed to increase safety the compaction roller attachments also offers simple navigation. These increased features allow the operator to control the height, angle, extension and compaction adjustments from the cab of the machine. These advanced safety features provide more accessibility when working in hazardous conditions. While there are many new safety features, the drum also comes in different widths to best fit your jobsite applications.


Improved Safety Boosts Productivity

On top of the new design of the offset compaction roller providing improved safety features, it also provides improved productivity, which results in saving thousands of dollars.

For more information on the Road Widener Offset Compaction Roller attachments, please contact your Cleveland Brothers Sales Representative at 844-720-4CAT or submit a quote online.