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Cleveland Brothers

SITECH Allegheny Stat Expo Conference

By: Hannah Comeau
March 18, 2024

In 2023, the SITECH Allegheny team envisioned developing a customer-focused event to mimic the groundbreaking Trimble Dimensions conference held annually in Las Vegas, Nev. This two-day event, designed to offer training, support, and information on Trimble products, gave dealers and customers opportunities to learn and grow within their business units. SITECH Allegheny, a division of Cleveland Brothers, is the Trimble distributor of Heavy Civil Construction Solutions in Pennsylvania, northern West Virginia and western Maryland. The team was able to make their dream a reality, creating the SITECH Stat Expo Conference in early 2024.

Planned at strategic and easily accessible locations in Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, Pa., day one of both regional SITECH Stat Expo Conferences kicked off with a day of product introductions and presentations from Trimble, Propeller and B2W Software, complemented by a showcase of Site Positioning & Aerial Mapping products, networking sessions, raffles and an evening social. The following day featured 16 tailored training sessions developed by the SITECH Allegheny team, with contributions from vendors. The training offered was diverse, covering four main areas: Trimble Business Center or Software, Site Positioning, Earthworks/Cat® Grade and industry best practices, catering to various skill levels.  

The development and delivery of these training sessions were a testament of the collective expertise of SITECH Allegheny’s team, including contributions from Greg Baker (Support Specialist), John West (Support Specialist), Dale Sensenig (Sales Representative), Bob Welnoski Jr. (Account Manager), Peppino Esposito (Software and Data Specialist), Jordan Moux (Support Specialist), Mike Tyler (Sales Specialist), Steve Brock (Support Specialist) and Matt Ragozzino (Sales Representative). 

The events witnessed significant attendance with 721 attendees at both events, with representation from nearly 90 different companies. The feedback from attendees was exceptionally positive, with special mentions from customers like Eric Anselmo of JD Feaster Earthworks and Mike Ziegler of Kinsley Construction, who praised the event for its practical insights and fostering a collaborative environment.  

Ziegler said, “I had good feedback from my team on the STAT event and we all came away with some good information concerning our respective classes. I was impressed with the measuring tools within Earthworks, specifically on the excavator. The class got my brain going on ways to utilize the equipment better.” 

The success of the SITECH STAT Expo Conference was a result of the collaborative efforts between SITECH Allegheny, Cleveland Brothers and vendors, marking a milestone in educational and business development. The positive reception and feedback have encouraged the SITECH Allegheny team to consider hosting similar events in the future, highlighting the event’s value in strengthening the community and fostering growth within the industry.