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Spring Preparation Tips to Get Your Construction Equipment Ready for Spring

Spring Preparation Tips to Get Your Construction Equipment Ready for Spring

By: Hannah Comeau

With the colder months coming to an end and your construction equipment surviving the winter months, it is just about time to prep your machines for the warmer weather. Prepping your equipment for the warmer weather is key for the longevity of your equipment and for preventing downtime during the busy season to come.

You may be asking yourself; what should I be doing to prepare my construction equipment for spring? Below are several tips that are crucial when preparing your construction equipment for the warmer months ahead.

  • Clean Your Machines
    • There is no better way to head into a new season than with a clean line of equipment. Taking the time to remove all grime and dirt from your construction equipment allows you to have a fresh start and prevents any damaged particles from being overlooked.
  • Perform Maintenance Checks
    • Since maintenance checks are important all year around, it is crucial to do an in-depth maintenance check after your machines have been inactive for several months or have been through the harsh winter season. A maintenance check should include:
      • Oil Analysis
        • An oil analysis can spot small problems before they turn into costly repairs. During an oil analysis, you will receive your machines oil condition, internal wear and contamination level.
      • Inspection of wheels, tracks and tires
        • It is important to inspect for tears, low tread depth and wear. If you hear any unusual grinding noises, it is highly advised to take your machine to get serviced.
      • Battery Inspection
        • When batteries are put through the winter months, it is crucial to test them before heading into the spring season. When inspecting your equipment batteries, ensure they still hold a charge, and the condition of the battery is free from any cracks, corrosion or leaks.
      • Test ALL Equipment
        • After performing repairs and maintenance checks, it is important to test all equipment before you take it out onto the jobsite. This ensures the performance quality is top notch and decreases your problems on the jobsite.

Did you find your construction equipment needs extra service, parts or an oil analysis before the season starts? For more information or to schedule your service today, call a Cleveland Brothers Representative at 724-325-9460.