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The Benefits of Specialized Expertise: Why You Should Choose a Cat® Certified Engine Rebuild Center

The Benefits of Specialized Expertise: Why You Should Choose a Cat® Certified Engine Rebuild Center

By: Cleveland Brothers
November 1, 2023

When it comes to the quality of your gas compression engine rebuilds, you can’t afford to cut corners. Third-party rebuilders lack the expertise, parts inventory, training, and Caterpillar Certified technicians you need to guarantee a quality rebuild. With proven results and hundreds of satisfied customers, Cleveland Brothers is fully equipped to restore your machines with an overhaul to the highest standards.

Our Engine Rebuild Center (ERC) houses a state-of-the-art fluid analysis lab, 25 dedicated work bays, 42 jib cranes, four 50-ton cranes, and two dyno test cells in a 165,000 sq. ft. warehouse built to do one thing: deliver the highest standard of CAT gas compression rebuilds in the industry. We specialize in a variety of Cat gas compression engines, including those in the G3300 series, the G3400 series, the G3500 series and the G3600 series.

See why hundreds have chosen the Cleveland Brothers Engine Rebuild Center to restore performance and extend the total life cycle of their gas compression engine.

Cleveland Brothers ERC is equipped for all your engine rebuild needs, big and small.

Our innovative Engine Rebuild Center is a specialized facility equipped with the latest machines, technology and Cat Certified technicians. We offer comprehensive engine rebuilding services, including disassembly, inspection, precision machining, and component repair and replacement.

The professional expertise available at Cleveland Brother’s ERC is crucial in rebuilding Cat engines.

With thousands of parts and a demanding workload, it’s vital that your engine is rebuilt to exact Cat specifications. Our techs have in–depth technical knowledge and the latest training from Caterpillar using the most-up-to-date data and practices – so the job is done right, every time.

Our rebuild center exclusively uses the latest genuine Cat components and parts, guaranteeing quality, compatibility and the exact fit needed to keep your engines running at full capacity for years to come. That means the same engineers that made the parts we use made the machines they’ll be used in – and have the deepest understanding of how your engine works. 

Cleveland Brothers Engine Rebuild Center can guarantee rebuild reliability.

Our center takes precise measurements at every step of the rebuild process, then tests the results as your engine runs at full power on our dynamometers that can test up to 8,000 hp. Additionally, rigorous inspections and testing, including non-destructive testing (NDT), identify any potential issues, which are corrected before your engine is delivered. Our standards guarantee every rebuilt engine meets or exceeds Cat standards. 

We can customize an engine rebuild to your specific needs.

Our Rebuild Center works closely with clients to understand their unique business needs, allowing for custom-tailored solutions. This means your rebuilt engine can be custom configured to your exact application. 

Our engine rebuilds can reduce overall downtime.

It’s our goal to get your engine back to the highest operating capabilities as soon as possible. Cleveland Brothers Rebuild Center is equipped to minimize downtime and disruptions to your operations – a crucial factor for industries where time equals money. 

Our Rebuild Center was designed to meet the highest safety standards. Safety is our top priority. That’s why all Cleveland Brothers technicians adhere to stringent safety protocols, and our machines are designed to perform the exact task they’re used for, minimizing the risk of accidents. 

Cleveland Brothers engine rebuilds are more cost-effective than buying new.

Our Rebuild Center can offer the most cost-effective solution for your business. While rebuilding involves an initial investment, it’s a fraction of the cost of replacing your unit – and delivers the same output and reliability of a new engine. Our rebuilds extend engine lifespan, reduce maintenance costs, and offer a strong return on investment in the long run. 

Cleveland Brothers protects you with a warranty coverage for all the work performed at our Rebuild Center.

Answer: We stand behind our work. That’s why our Rebuild Center offers comprehensive warranties on every rebuild, providing peace of mind and additional value to your investment. 

Our ERC extends engine and component life cycles to help reduce environmental impact.

The Cleveland Brothers Engine Rebuild Center promotes sustainability by refurbishing and reusing engine components, reducing waste and environmental impact by extending the life of your engine for as long as possible.

When it comes to rebuilding Cat gas compression engines, choosing a Cat Certified provider like Cleveland Brothers is the best decision for your business. With unparalleled technical expertise, access to high-quality components, rigorous testing, customized solutions, and a strong commitment to safety and environmental responsibility.

The result is a rebuilt engine that performs at or above OEM standards, bringing you reliability, longevity, and cost-effectiveness for years to come. When you count on gas compression engines to get the job done, count on Cleveland Brothers for a rebuild.