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The New Cat® 315 and 315GC Small Excavators Offer Increased Productivity and Efficiency

By: Cleveland Brothers
July 24, 2020

At the CONEXPO-CON/AGG convention earlier this year, Caterpillar® announced their latest heavy equipment coming to market, including the Cat 315 Next Generation small excavators. These powerful machines replace the previous 315F and 315FL model excavators and have recently started shipping to authorized Caterpillar dealers. The Cat 315 next-gen excavator represents the absolute latest in design from the world’s most recognized name in heavy equipment. These machines deliver a range of upgrades and improvements to help you accomplish more in less time.

The new Cat 15-ton hydraulic excavators are available in two models — the 315 and 315GC. These nimble machines include several built-in technologies to help you complete projects faster, reduce operating costs and work safely in areas with tight space restrictions. Both of the Next Generation small excavators are perfectly suited for working along busy roadways, in enclosed areas and virtually anywhere you want to gain the benefit of extraordinary performance combined with exceptional versatility.

Next Generation Small Excavators With Serious Power

The new Cat excavators feature a powerful C3.6 industrial diesel engine that delivers 110 horsepower. These engines are more compact than previous models with equivalent power, and they offer reliable performance even at peak capacity. These engines also have 10% more power and 12% more torque to help you move heavier loads faster and more efficiently. The engines in these Next Generation small excavators are three decibels quieter than those in the 315F series to help protect your hearing and keep you focused on the job.

These Next Generation small excavators consume up to 10% less fuel than last-gen models and feature an Eco Mode to help maintain high speeds while transporting heavy loads. In addition to improved fuel consumption, these engines have an improved exhaust system compliant with the latest U.S. EPA and CARB Tier 4 Final, EU Stage V and Japan 2014 Tier 4 Final emissions standards.

These next-gen 15-ton excavators are compatible with the new Cat Advansys™ Ground Engaging Tools (GET). Made to handle the toughest jobs, GET bucket edges, adapters and their tips offer long lifespans and are easy to install or remove. The hydraulics have also received a few upgrades, with the Cat 315 next-gen excavator sporting an advanced hydraulic system that provides 8% productivity gains over the last model. These small excavators also deliver 10% more swing torque to help you move loads faster and up sloped surfaces.

The Most Productive 15-Ton Excavators in Their Class

These machines enable you to do the most work in the least amount of time. With several advanced Cat technologies included as standard features, the Cat 315 next-gen excavator delivers up to 45% faster results than traditional grading methods. The Cat 315 and Cat 315GC next-gen excavators have side-facing cameras and a rearview camera that work together to eliminate blind spots for 360-degree visibility to help you keep an eye on the job site and prevent safety incidents.

Built-in technologies for the Cat Next Generation small excavators include:

  • Cat GRADE with 2D: The Cat GRADE with 2D system delivers accurate and real-time location data for your bucket relative to grade to a high-resolution touchscreen monitor in the cab. You can use this technology to set desired parameters and follow real-time guidance to achieve optimal depth, slope and grade. Cat GRADE with 2D eliminates the need for personnel on the ground, helping to reduce overall labor costs and contribute to better efficiency, and you can easily upgrade to the 3D version.
  • Cat PAYLOAD: Cat PAYLOAD technology is an on-board scaling system that provides accurate bucket weight measurements on the go. This technology helps you reduce load times, fill each bucket to maximum capacity and easily tip off any excess material. Cat PAYLOAD eliminates guesswork while digging, prevents you from losing gains in efficiency due to underloading and helps you monitor your day’s progress with fast access to accumulated data, all on the full-color touchscreen.
  • Cat 2D E-Fence: Both the Cat 315 and Cat 315GC next-gen excavator feature Cat 2D E-Fence — a revolutionary system that helps navigate challenging spaces. With this technology, you can set ceiling limits, floor limits and boundaries for swinging, letting you work safer and faster in tight spaces. Cat 2D E-Fence stops any part of your machine from crossing your established borders to eliminate a wide range of safety hazards and help you keep your attention on the job.
  • Cat ProductLink™: Cat ProductLink™ is a wireless fleet management system that provides data to help maximize your resources. Using this technology, you can read engine diagnostic codes and access information like equipment operating hours, idle time and fuel consumption from a web application. Available with optional cellular or satellite connectivity, Cat ProductLink™ helps you make decisions that benefit your fleet and your bottom line.

Other Advantages of the Cat 315 Next-Gen Excavator

The engineers at Caterpillar included multiple other improvements to the next-gen 15-ton excavators. The Cat 315GC next-gen excavator comes with the Cat Comfort Cab as standard equipment. The standard cab has a large front, narrow pillars and a low-profile design that delivers 40% greater all-around visibility than the previous 315F series small excavators. For your Cat 315 next-gen excavator, you can choose the Comfort Cab, or upgrade to a Cat deluxe or premium option.

The Next Generation small excavators are also easier to maintain and more cost-effective to own. Many of the maintenance intervals on the new 15-ton excavators have been extended, while others have been eliminated entirely. Using the in-cab color monitor, you can track equipment maintenance checkpoints, including fluid levels and filter life. Physical examinations have been made easier as well thanks to ground-level ports that allow fast fluid sampling for analysis.

Order a New Cat 315 Next-Gen Excavator

The Next Generation small excavators are already shipping out to Caterpillar dealers, and we can help you order one in a custom configuration suited for your unique needs. At Cleveland Brothers, we have over 70 years of industry experience and over 25 locations throughout Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Our experts will help design a Cat 315 next-gen excavator with the right optional features to help you work faster and be more precise. To get more information, or to request an estimate, contact us today.


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