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The 5 New Cat® Backhoe Loaders Are Here

By: Cleveland Brothers
July 31, 2020

Last year, Caterpillar® announced five new backhoe loaders for the 14-foot and 15-foot class. These new Cat backhoe loaders consist of the Cat 415, 416, 420, 420 XE and 430 backhoes, and these machines replace the proven 415F2, 416F2, 420F2, 420F2 IT and 430F2 backhoes, in that order. The new Cat backhoe loaders represent the latest in advanced Caterpillar engineering and include built-in technology. These machines started shipping to dealers only months ago, and they offer significant advantages for anyone interested in getting more done in less time.

New Backhoe Loaders With All-New Cat Engines

Cat backhoe loaders have a long history, and you can find them on job sites across the globe. With the right tools and attachments, these capable machines are well suited for productive and efficient use on a wide range of applications, including construction, excavation, demolition, material handling, paving, landscaping and much more. The new Cat backhoe loaders carry on that tradition and build upon the success of the previous Cat F2 Series to deliver the best power and performance yet.

While the previous F2 series backhoe loaders utilized different engine models, the Cat 415, 416, 420, 420 XE and 430 backhoes all include the new Cat C3.6 Electronic Turbo Intercooled industrial engine as a standard feature. The new C3.6 engines provide incredible power with a 220-cubic-inch displacement and 308 foot-pounds of torque. With a 10% better fuel economy than the F2 series, the new Cat backhoe loaders make efficient use of resources and provide hours of continuous operation with their 42.3-gallon fuel tank.

Engine model and horsepower ratings vary by model, and include:

  • 74-horsepower (55-kW) engines in the Cat 415.
  • 90-horsepower (70-kW) engines in the Cat 416.
  • 100-horsepower (74.5-kW) engines in the 420/420 XE.
  • 115-horsepower (86-kW) engines in the Cat 430 backhoes.

The new Cat backhoe loaders are 10% more fuel-efficient than the F2 series models and use the all-new Cat C3.6 industrial engine. The Cat C3.6 engine meets all the latest international emissions compliance standards, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Tier 4 Final/EU Stage V requirements. To achieve compliance, the Cat 416, 420/420 XE and 430 use a maintenance-free SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system that uses DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) and a lifetime DPF (diesel particulate filter). The Cat 415 only needs the DPF.

The New Cat Backhoe Loaders Deliver Multiple Improvements

The new Cat 415, 416, 420, 420 XE and 430 backhoes have faster travel speeds than those in the F2 series. Using the PowerShift Transmissions installed on all the next-gen models, you can gain effortless shifting between gears to achieve maximum forward speeds of 25 mph. Maximum reverse speed varies by machine, with the 415 and 416 delivering up to 23 mph in reverse. The 420, 420 XE and 430 are capable of putting out max reverse speeds of up to 17 mph on smooth terrain.

All-wheel drive comes standard on all the new Cat backhoe loaders to help you stay mobile regardless of the weather or ground conditions. The new Cat backhoe loaders also include hydrostatic front-wheel power steering to let you make tight turns with less effort. To help you reach more places and operate your machine safely, these backhoe loaders all have a tight 26.92-foot turning circle at the outside front wheels and a 35.25 circle at the outer edge of the widest compatible loader bucket.

When you need to lock your machine in place and get some work done by hand, a push-button industrial-strength SAHR (spring-applied hydraulically released) parking brake provides peace of mind so you can focus on the job. All models allow you to fine-tune your hydraulics for optimal performance, and the Cat 420 and 420 XE backhoe loaders come with a new, larger boom cylinder that delivers up to 15% more lift.

Advanced Fleet Management Technology Comes Standard With All New Cat Backhoe Loaders

Each of the new Cat backhoe loaders comes with Cat ProductLink™ as a standard feature. ProductLink™ is a revolutionary fleet management technology system that collects data from your equipment. This technology provides a wealth of accurate, real-time data you can access through VisionLink® — a user-friendly interface. Using VisionLink allows you to:

  • Locate machinery using GPS data.
  • Analyze idle times to maximize productivity.
  • Monitor equipment diagnostic codes remotely.
  • Plan effective maintenance cycles to reduce downtime.
  • Order maintenance components and replacement parts in just a few simple steps.

More In-Cab Features Than the F2 Series

The new Cat backhoe loaders have canopies made to protect you during a rollover and shield you from falling objects. These machines provide ample legroom facing either direction and a vinyl air suspension seat that absorbs impacts and vibration. All of the new Cat backhoe loaders come with redesigned full-color LCD monitors available in two options. The first is an LCD monitor that uses Soft Key Control and is standard for most models. Touchscreen Controls are optional on the 420 and standard equipment on the Cat 420 XE.

Using the Touchscreen Controls located in the cab of the 420 XE, you can access additional features exclusive to this model. These include Selectable Parallel Lift to prevent bucket tipping and a Programmable Loader Kickout feature that you can use to set upper and lower limits to speed loading and repetitive work. The 420 XE new Cat backhoe loaders also come with a built-in Programmable Return To Dig system that resets your bucket to an established safe point each time to eliminate guesswork and increase productivity.

All of these machines boast additional features to help you be more productive, including Dual Mode — an upgrade you can use to control the implements positioned behind you whether you are locked forward or to the rear. You can also use Dual Mode to position your seat at an offset angle for improved visibility. For all models, the operator consoles have an enhanced mobile station that provides better storage and more charging options than stations in the backhoe loaders from the F2 series.

Compatible With F2 Series Work Tools and Attachments

If you want to get even more versatility from the Cat 415, 416, 420, 420 XE and 430 backhoes, you can upgrade yours to include an optional Integrated Tool Carrier (IT) loader coupler. With the IT loader coupler installed at the factory or after purchase, you can quickly attach a wide range of Cat work tools and attachments to the front or rear of your machine, including F2 series backhoe loader accessories. These include tools like front and rear buckets, excavating thumbs, brooms, augers, compactors and blades.

Other Notable Updates for the Cat 415, 416, 420, 420 XE and 430 Backhoes

The new Cat backhoe loaders include additional improvements for safety, maintenance and visibility. Halogen Roading and Work Lights are standard equipment for all  models, and you can upgrade to LED lighting to go longer without needing replacement. The battery (and second battery, if selected as an option) are located in an external battery box to make emergency jumping easier, and improved A-pin greasing reduces your time spent performing maintenance. A redesigned front end provides 5 additional degrees of rake to the nose for better visibility.

For added security, you can configure any of the new Cat backhoe loaders to require a valid operator passcode to function. With the optional security system installed on your machine, the engine, transmission and hydraulic system will all remain locked to protect your backhoe loader from theft. To expedite the unlocking process, you can upgrade your security system with Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth upgrade automatically unlocks your equipment when authorized users come into proximity, eliminating the need for passcode entry.

The New Cat Backhoe Loaders Are Available and Shipping Out to Dealers

The Cat 415, 416, 420, 420 XE and 430 backhoes started phasing in this spring and are available through your trusted Caterpillar dealer. At Cleveland Brothers, we are the authorized dealer for the entire state of Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia, making us the region’s sole source for the new Cat backhoe loaders. With over 70 years in the business, we know how to match your requirements with the right model backhoe loader and the optional features you need to get the most from your machine.

At Cleveland Brothers, we make getting the equipment you need easy and help you keep it working in optimal condition. We can put you in the seat of a new machine through multiple financing options, including installment contracts and various lease agreements. We also provide complete service and maintenance solutions for all of your Cat equipment with over 580 trained technicians and 28 fully equipped service facilities throughout the region.

When you buy new, you can build any one of the Cat 415, 416, 420, 420 XE and 430 backhoes in a custom configuration that delivers everything you need for your unique applications. To learn more about the new Cat backhoe loaders, stop by your nearest Cleveland Brothers location or fill out our online contact form.


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