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Hydraulics - Pumps, Motors & Cylinders

Hydraulics - Pumps, Motors & Cylinders



CB Hymac — a division of Cleveland Brothers — is your full service hydraulic cylinder, pump and motor shop with additional expertise in precision machining and chroming. We offer a variety of service options to help keep your repair costs down. From building custom cylinders for your unique application to salvaging worn or damaged heavy equipment and industrial components, we can save you time and money while lowering the cost of machine ownership. With our depth of experience count on us to service all of your hydraulic needs, including components on John Deere, Komatsu, Kobelco and other machines.


A Five Star Certified Component Rebuild Center

CB Hymac is proud to be an official Cat® Component Rebuild Center (CRC) with Five Star Certification. As a CRC, we have met the high standards required to provide authorized hydraulic repairs and warranty work on all Cat equipment. This means we use the most sophisticated repair and diagnostic tools, we have quality control processes in place that ensure unbeatable accuracy and repeatable results, and we have a staff of the best-trained technicians possible.

Five Star certification means we are committed to maintaining a contaminant-free shop, resulting in higher-quality repairs, long lifecycle rebuilds and overall better service. Regardless of whether you own Cat or allied equipment, our Five Star and CRC certifications ensure you can count on us for the highest quality of hydraulic cylinder repairs, rebuilds and service.

Benefits of Making CB Hymac Your Hydraulic Shop

  • We will complete your hydraulic hose repair in 30 minutes or less.
  • We use genuine Cat parts whenever applicable, and can quickly source even hard-to-find replacement items.
  • We electronically store all your service records, making it easy to spot trends that could indicate the potential for future breakdowns and other areas of concern.
  • We offer repairs and rebuilds that are certified to Cat standards.
  • We have exclusive access to Caterpillar® technical support and service bulletins.
  • We can provide field service and 24-hour on-site repairs and diagnostics.
  • We know Cat equipment better than anyone else in the business.

Hymac Hydraulic Fluid Analysis

As hydraulic components wear out, they release metal particles into your equipment's oil and fluids. We recommend that all of our clients undergo regular fluids analysis to gain a clearer picture of the health of their equipment. In fact, for Cat owners, participation in the Scheduled Oil Sampling (SOS) program is a requirement of certain extended warranty programs.

The ongoing monitoring of fluid particulate levels allows us to track trends and anticipate when wearable components will fail. This means you can schedule service more appropriately and avoid replacing parts that have plenty of operational life left. Drop an oil sample off at any Cleveland Brothers location, and we can have results and recommendations back to you within 24 hours.

For more information about the SOS program or other hydraulic service and repairs available at CB Hymac, contact our team today.