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Articulated Trucks

Used Articulated Trucks for Sale

Having access to strong, reliable equipment is critical in industries such as waste management, material handling and commercial construction.

When buying a new articulated truck isn’t an option, quality used equipment is often an effective and cost-efficient solution. As an authorized Cat® dealership, Cleveland Brothers carries a wide range of pre-owned equipment manufactured by Caterpillar® and other leading manufacturers. Contact our used equipment department at 866-956-8733, online through our contact form or in-person for additional assistance.

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Ruggedly Productive Used Cat Trucks

Cat articulated trucks are built for ultimate reliability and performance with:

  • Powerful and efficient ACERTTM engine that increases torque while keeping fuel economy in mind
  • Consistent transmission technology for smooth riding and reliable operation

Articulated trucks are defined by their articulation point located behind the cab of the vehicle. When making a turn, the truck pivots at this point, making sharper turns possible. The dump area can hold 25-40 tons of material. This capacity, plus its traction on soft ground, is why articulated trucks are used in quarry, mining and construction projects.

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Features of Our Used Articulated Trucks

Our late-model, well-maintained used Cat three-axle trucks have popular available features such as:

Optimal Comfort

Designed to be productive as well as offer a comfortable ride for the operator with features like:

  • Three-setting adjustable damping ride zone indicator and cushion air suspension seats for a more conformable ride
  • Tilt-adjustable telescopic steering columns and ergonomic controls to reduce operator fatigue
  • Ample cab space, storage compartments and temperature control options to help increase uptime and productivity

Traction Control

Whatever the terrain at your worksite, the articulated truck will handle it with ease. When you drive a used articulated truck, you'll notice:

  • Optimal torque distribution with unified inter-axle differential locking to provide better traction in rugged terrains.
  • Specially designed rear suspension for a more stable ride and increased load retention.

Advanced Safety

Articulated trucks offer safety features to keep workers safe:

  • LED flashing beacons and width positioning marker lights for worksite alertness
  • Available Roll Over Protection and Falling Object Protection Systems
  • Sweeping hood design, angled mirrors and rearview camera systems provide panoramic obstacle detection to improve visibility

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Choose Cleveland Brothers for Used Articulated Trucks

Cleveland Brothers makes makes it easy to purchase used articulated trucks. We offer convenient services and programs to meet all of your needs in one convenient location:

  • Competitive prices
  • Cat Certified Used solutions
  • Flexible financing
  • Extended warranties
  • Complete parts and services

Used articulated trucks from Cleveland Brothers have been thoroughly serviced and inspected to high quality standards. We value your success, so we make sure our used equipment is ready to provide top-notch performance.

We provide convenient locations for buying used articulated trucks and additional construction equipment throughout western and central Pennsylvania and areas beyond. We're also able to sell to businesses across the nation and overseas. Wherever you're located, Cleveland Brothers has the equipment you need.

Purchase Your Used Articulated Truck Today

Cleveland Brothers is here to help find the used articulated truck that fits your budget and meets specific project requirements. Browse our various options on this page, and feel free to request more information.

Contact our used equipment department at 866-956-8733, online through our contact form or in-person for additional assistance. Ask about customer consignment options and live and online auctions.