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Oil-Free Air Compressors from Gardner Denver

The most common type of air compressors are oil-flooded, which use oil to lubricate, but also to seal in the air. However, the technology behind oil-free air compressors is advancing, especially Gardner Denver’s PureAir line of oil-free compressors which are leading the way in oil-free technology. Depending on your industry, an oil-free compressor might be the optimal choice for your compressed air needs. Here are some points to keep in mind when choosing between an oil-free and an oil-flooded air compressor for your business:

Air Quality

Depending on your industry, you may not have much of a choice on which air compressor to choose. If you are in the medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, technological, or aerospace industries, there are likely strict regulations on the air quality you are using to manufacture your products. The possibility of trace amounts of oil in the air could contaminate your products and leave you with many extra costs. Gardner Denver has solutions for the possibility of contamination. Their PureAir compressors offer 100% oil-free air. They understand quality cannot be compromised, and have designed the best compressor for the job.

Reducing Costs

Eliminating costs associated with an oil-flooded air compressor can be a considerable upside to oil-free compressors. Gardner Denver’s Ultima series of compressors runs at a 13% higher efficiency than ever before. Thus reducing energy costs associated with running a compressor or even multiple compressors. Some examples of how the oil-free compressor trumps a standard oil-flooded unit are as follows:

  • Reduces oil filter costs
  • Reduces energy costs associated with running the compressors (oil-free units do not need as much energy to draw in air as an oil-flooded unit).
  • Reduces oil costs – An oil-flooded compressor would need oil added multiple times per year, where an oil-free compressor does not need this continued oil replenishment, therefore saving substantial amounts of money on oil over the life of the compressor.
  • Continued Maintenance Costs of changing filters, valves, etc. that are related to the flow of oil in the compressor.


For many manufacturing industries, it is accepted that there will be noise associated with running a compressor. Keep that in mind when choosing between compressors. Oil-free compressors generally run slightly louder than an oil-flooded unit does. However, Gardner Denver’s Ultima series runs extremely quiet at only 63 dBa. Think about comparing the decibels of your next compressor if noise is a current concern.


Aside from the possibility of contaminating your products, there is the risk of contaminating the environment. Gardner Denver has addressed this with their PureAir compressors, specifically in the Ultima series. The air emitted is 100% free from oil, completely removing the risk of air pollution. These compressors also leave a 37% smaller footprint compared to other conventional oil-free compressors. They run at a higher efficiency as mentioned earlier. These compressors will save your business money, while at the same time help keep oil out of the air to help your business do its part of preserving the environment.

More on Air Compressors

Choosing the perfect air compressor for your business is not as easy as reading a few paragraphs. There are things to consider beyond just oil vs. oil-free in terms of air compressors. Reach out to the team at Cleveland Brothers to find the specific Gardner Denver compressed air system for your business.