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Track Type Loaders / Crawlers

As a comprehensive source of construction equipment solutions for central and western Pennsylvania and beyond, Cleveland Brothers provides access to a complete selection of used track loaders manufactured by Cat® and other leading brands.Whether you need a small and versatile 70-hp model such as the 933C HYSTAT or the powerful yet fuel efficient 263-hp 973D, our experienced team will assist in finding the specific track loaders you’re looking for.

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The most recent 900K models from Caterpillar® regularly arrive in our inventory. They provide better management of fuel consumption and utilize next-generation Cat engines with low emissions and turbo power capabilities. There are plenty of innovations inside the cab for operator comfort and handling precision such as load-sensing hydraulics, updated climate control and syncing with other machines around your site. These pre-owned track loaders offer optimal performance in every environment.

The Utility of Used Track Loaders

Cat track loaders are known for their adaptability and strength. Their wide treads can steer through soft and shifting terrain, and their structure keeps them well-balanced even on steep slopes. These lifting and pushing capabilities make them the most dependable machines for your application.

In addition, powerful attachments and special configurations allow Cat track loaders to take on any task. A few examples of their versatility include:

  • Construction: When superior material handling is a must, Caterpillar delivers with a wide range of bucket designs and boom setups. A track loader also makes site clean-up easy and straightforward with rotary and scrubbing broom attachments.
  • Waste management: Every landfill needs one of these machines to round up refuse. Choose a Cat track loader with a specialized waste management package and get added component and cab protection, debris barriers, heavier-duty load capacity and easier clean-up.
  • Grading and paving: A variety of attachment blades allow your track loader to sculpt and flatten the earth with a smaller amount of passes. With rolling compaction wheels or vibrating drums and plates, you'll achieve level ground faster and keep your projects on schedule.
  • Landscaping: In addition to shifting large quantities of dirt and loose material, your used track loader can be equipped with saws or stump grinders to clear out overgrown areas. Use a drill auger to bore through tough surfaces, and attachable rakes for managing soil and vegetation. Move mountains of snow and ice with blower, plow and pusher attachments.


Our representatives have an expert understanding of these industries and more. We're available to assist with choosing one of our used Cat track loaders for sale based on your job and budget requirements.

Buying Used Cat Track Loaders

Our line of innovative track loaders manufactured by Caterpillar deliver the power, performance and reliability you’ve come to expect from an industry leader. Used Cat track loaders can handle tough jobs on rough ground while working in tight spaces. With features such as hydrostatic powertrain systems, powerful Cat hydraulics and exceptionally strong buckets and lift arms, nothing beats the versatility and productivity of our used track loaders.Additional benefits of buying a used shiphold/port handling track loader include:

  • Infinite variable speed hydrostatic transmissions for smooth operating controls and user comfort
  • Easy-to-master joystick controls for exceptional maneuverability and reduced training requirements
  • Proven reliable track-type undercarriages delivering improved stability and low ground pressure for better traction


Advantages of used Cat waste handling track loaders include:

  • Specialized waste handler arrangements such as heavy-duty front guards, bottom guards and debris barriers
  • Transfer stations for shredding and densifying materials and stock piling during peak periods
  • Single-grouser track and double-grouser track options to meet your specific project requirements
  • Easy-change Quick Coupler System on newest models allows for seamless switching from task-to-task and minimizes project downtime


Cost-Effective Used Track Loaders

Buying a used track loader from Cleveland Brothers in central and western Pennsylvania or the surrounding area is the economical way to get the construction equipment you need on demand. Whether you want a short-term fulfillment to complete a project or a used backup model you'll rely on for years, browse our selection and get the most out of your investment. Find a low-hour, low-maintenance equipment package that you can deploy on your site right away.

We’re a leading source of used sales, and we offer customer consignment and local and online equipment auctions so you can get the best value when managing your fleet. Additional benefits of purchasing pre-owned with us include:

  • The ability to sell used equipment within our territory, across the country and internationally
  • Well-maintained machines that have been meticulously inspected by certified Cat technicians
  • Competitive prices, exceptional availability and extended warranty options
  • A complete selection of equipment parts and machine services
  • Detailed service history for specific Cat machines available upon request
  • Convenient financing options to make the cost of a used track loader even more accessible


Contact Cleveland Brothers through our online form, by calling our Used Equipment department at 866-956-8733 or in person at one of our locations. We’ll be happy to provide additional information and a free quote on any of our used track loaders in stock.