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Vital Information Management System

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Vital Information Management System

Caterpillar’s Vital Information Management System (VIMS) is a powerful tool for machine management that provides operators, service personnel and managers information on a wide range of vital machine functions. Numerous sensors are integrated into the vehicle design. If VIMS detects an impeding or abnormal condition in any of the machine’s systems, it will alert the operator and instruct them to take appropriate action, whether it’s modifying machine operation, notifying the shop of needed maintenance, or performing a safe shutdown of the machine. This improves availability, component life and production while reducing both repair cost and the risk of a catastrophic failure. On Caterpillar Mining Trucks and large Wheel Loaders, VIMS also includes production and performance information. It records the various elements of the truck cycle: load time, travel loaded, dump time, and travel empty, along with delay times. All of this information is used to create useful reports and charts. These reports lead to intelligent analysis and better decision making for a more efficient operation, lowering the cost per ton.

VIMS Supervisor

The Vital Information Management System (VIMS) Supervisor Software provides custom fleet production and maintenance reports by extracting data from the VIMS PC® Database. The user-friendly architecture provides the functionality to filter and sort Event, Payload, Trend, and Histogram data in order to create dynamic reports that target the needs of the customer.

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