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Bus & Truck Repair

Cleveland Brothers

Bus Repairs in PA

When you need bus repairs in PA, look no further than Cleveland Brothers’ 12 full service repair centers totaling 80 bays and 120 technicians. Your ultimate satisfaction is our guarantee. Since you can’t predict when you’ll break down, you need expert 24-hour service that’s just a phone call away.

Our 12 service centers:

Commercial Truck Repairs in PA

Keep your truck fleet running with preventive maintenance and service at any of our 12 service centers. We specialize in commercial truck and heavy truck repairs across PA. We get your truck in, get the job done and get your truck back to you fast in order to minimize downtime for your company. Our experienced crew is committed to helping you deliver your loads on time and safely.


Our highly skilled technicians offer a wide range of services to meet all your needs. Our technicians can service all makes and models of buses, commercial trucks, recreational vehicles and heavy-duty trucks. Our goal is to get you back on the road as fast as possible, that’s why we offer a 60-minute guarantee. We commit to diagnose, estimate and convey your problem in one hour, ordering parts if necessary; then we will repair your vehicle as soon as possible. With competitive pricing and many flat rate services available, Cleveland Brothers can help keep your PA commercial trucks, buses, heavy trucks and recreational vehicles on the road where you need them.

In addition, we provide maintenance service plans to help identify potential problems before they occur. Avoid those emergency services that can hurt your bottom line by enrolling in a preventative maintenance plan for your company.

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