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Concrete Paving

Concrete Paving

Concrete Paving Equipment

It’s your job to build the roads and paved surfaces that keep people moving. No matter the size, scope or details of your application, you require hard-working machinery to get the job done right.

From concrete paving equipment to barrier paver slipforming and dowel bar inserters, Cleveland Brothers offers a complete stock of quality machines. We’ll work to assess your needs, supplying the equipment to tackle your job with maximum production and efficiency.

Gomaco Concrete Paving Equipment

A name recognized for innovation and performance in concrete paving equipment, we are pleased to offer GOMACO products to meet your demands. Our line consists of concrete slipform pavers, dowel bar inserters, paving molds, two-lift paving systems and stringless guidance systems.

Concrete Slipform Pavers For Sale

The GP-2400 slipform paver is a two- or four-track machine that handles a range of paving widths up to 16.5 feet and up to 24 feet with frame inserts. Powered by a 174-hp Cat® diesel engine with speeds up to 105-feet-per-minute, this concrete paver is both productive and versatile.

For high production with less noise, the GP-2600 supplies accuracy and versatility in changing paving widths. Known as the “Number One”, this ultimately safe and easy to operate paving machine is a go-to option for diverse applications.

GHP-2800 slipform pavers are favored by contractors for their tested reliability, comfort and durability. This high-production concrete paver is fitted with an emission-controlled Tier III Cat engine, innovative cooling package and stringless technology.

For up to 50-foot wide paving, the GP-4000 slipform paver offers the latest safety features, as well as an exclusive operating system and enhanced on-site mobility. An excellent choice for airports and mainline paving, the GP-4000 represents the cutting-edge in concrete paving equipment.

Recognized as one of the most versatile slipform pavers available, the GT-6300 gets the job done for curb and gutter barrier walls, bridge parapets, monolithic sidewalk curbs and gutters, golf paths and irrigations canals. With a 20-foot wide paving path, the GT-6300 sets the standard for safety and performance in concrete paving.

A Complete Line of Concrete Paving Equipment

From the easy-to-operate four-track Commander III to the revolutionary two-lift paving system, we have all the equipment you need. We carry the 4400 barrier paver for true right-side and left-side slipforming, paving mold options in the 5400 Series and V2 paving mold, the IDBI dowel bar inserter for automatic insertion of dowel bars, in addition to GOMACO’s amazing stringless guidance system.

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