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Paving Rammers

The rugged demands of the road construction industry require tools and machines that can take a pounding and keep performing. When people are relying on you to build and maintain the roads and paved surfaces that make progress possible, you need a quality-built paving rammer to keep things moving smoothly.

Cleveland Brothers is dedicated to stocking the equipment you need for your paving applications, and we are proud to carry a complete line of Wacker Neuson paving rammers. We’re a trusted source for top-quality paving machines across Pennsylvania, Northern West Virginia and Northern Maryland. With more than 70 years of experience we remain dedicated to complete client satisfaction, and we will get you the paving rammers you need to increase productivity while optimizing efficiency.

Performance Four-Cycle Paving Rammers

For the compaction of cohesive, mixed and granular soils in tight, hard-to-maneuver locations, nothing beats a four-cycle paving rammer. Wacker Neuson’s paving rammers set the industry standard thanks to their compact design and impressive performance. Calling on a long shoe stroke, rapid percussion rate, powerful stroke energy and fast rate of advance travel, these four-cycle paving rammers get the job done.

Wacker Neuson rammers are built to stand up to the roughest applications, supplying peak performance over the entire service life. The WM 100 engine promises to deliver all the power you need, while an innovative three-stage air filtration system helps maintain a nearly dust-free environment for maximum durability and minimum maintenance.

Our paving rammers are made with the user in mind, featuring low oil protection and simple operator controls. With an LED light to alert you if the oil levels are out of balance and an automatic shut down feature to prevent damage to the engine, your valuable investment remains protected. Plus, the throttle with integrated fuel valve provides a single lever for acceleration and shut-off, making them easier to operate than ever before.

Our paving rammers from Wacker Neuson include the BS 50-4s and the BS 60-4s models. Call Cleveland Brothers today for a quote on the paving rammer that provides the most effective solution for your specific application.

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