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Paving Plate Tampers

When you are responsible for building and maintaining paved surfaces, you require machines durable enough to sustain peak performance. Whether you need to repair roads and parking lots or compact sub base and asphalt on driveways and runways, paving plate tampers are essential to the process.

At Cleveland Brothers, we understand the demands of your industry because we’ve been supplying heavy machinery and paving plate tampers to our clients across Pennsylvania and beyond for generations. We carry a complete line of vibratory paving plates to maximize your businesses production and efficiency.

Top-Quality Vibratory Paving Plates

Wacker Neuson vibratory plates represent the finest paving tampers in the industry. No matter the size, scope or specifications of your application, we have a machine for your application. Our stock of plate tampers includes single direction vibratory plates, reversible vibratory plates and vibratory plates with remote control.

Complete Selection of Vibratory Plate Tampers

Our stock of single-direction vibratory plates includes Wacker Neuson premium and value plates for soil and asphalt. Premium tamper plates set industry standards for componentry and function, while the value series is a lower-cost alternative that is guaranteed to perform on varying soil and asphalt applications.

Our line of reversible paving plate tampers start with the 309-pound BPU 2540A, providing a compact machine that’s versatile in use on compacting interlocking paving stones, trenches, paths, sidewalks and maintenance jobs. Next up are the BPU 3050A and DPU 3050H models, which offer easy, single-person movement in limited space areas, and they are powerful enough to handle landscape and municipal applications. The reliable BPU 3750A and DPU 375H units deliver optimal compaction in their class, and they combine high-power engines and rugged construction with exceptional maneuverability.

Reversible vibratory plates range from 660- to 1,800-pound units with operating widths from 17.7 inches to 28.2 inches. These paving plate tampers work on a variety of applications, from the compaction of building back-fill and sub bases on roads to tasks in large areas with multiple obstacles where precision is required.

The DPU 130 paving plate tamper with remote control ranges from 1,100 to 2,600 pounds and provides a vibratory plate that performs like a 7 t roller. The most powerful machine in its class, the DPU provides efficient production on construction sites, with reduced operating costs and an affordable price tag.

Call Cleveland Brothers today for a quote on the paving plate tamper that’s best suited for your application.

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