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Paving Elevators

When people rely on your business for the roads and paved surfaces that make progress possible, you need the latest equipment to maximize production. Paving elevators are the answer for many paving applications, supplying efficient, virtually continuous paving without stopping.

When you need hard-working, dependable equipment to get the job done right, Cleveland Brothers has the solution. We’ve been serving road paving, construction and agricultural businesses across Pennsylvania and bordering areas for over 70 years, and we look forward to finding the paving elevator best suited for your specific application.

Top-Quality Paving Elevators

Cleveland Brothers is proud to offer Weiler paving elevators for the smooth ride, superior performance and raw power you need to do the job well. Weiler elevators hook onto the front of pavers and work by picking up windrow and funneling it into the paver hopper for continuous production. Weiler is known as an innovator in the paving machine industry, working closely with contractors to stay connected with real-world challenges while continually improving quality to meet demands.

E650A Windrow Paving Elevator

Designed to move quickly with minimal interruptions, the Weiler E650A windrow elevator provides rugged, high-production paving. It relies on an advanced material-feed system featuring two auger segments and slat conveyors for remixing materials before transfer to the hopper. The hydraulic cylinder three-point suspension system serves to adjust wheel heights for optimal performance in varying conditions.

Optional features on the E650A include a Cat® turbocharged engine, wide throat and high-slat entry to tackle tall windrows. Dual-side operating controls, easy-access chain control levers and hinged access panels make for a superior operator experience and easy maintenance.

E550A Windrow Paving Elevator

The E550A paving elevator is essentially a lighter, more versatile version of the E650A, and it is perfect for use with smaller pavers. This paving elevator has an impressive 60-inch-wide throat and 58-inch-wide, 7-inch-deep slats, and it is powered by a powerful 114-hp turbocharged Cat engine to handle extreme workloads.

The E550A is capable of handling tall windrows laid by belly dump trucks, and it features a heavy-duty chain, adjustable hydraulic drive system and wide throat for high-production. Other optional features include a remix attachment, dual-side operating controls and a Ni-hard floor.

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