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Hydraulics – Pumps, Motors & Cylinders

Hydraulics – Pumps, Motors & Cylinders

Hydraulic and Machining Services

As a division of Cleveland Brothers, CB HYMAC is a facility for custom machining, fabrication and chroming services. Our hydraulic repair shop provides full-service for cylinders, pumps and motors or salvage repair services for damaged heavy equipment and industrial components. We offer Cat® standard certified repairs and rebuilds, and we use genuine Cat parts when applicable. Our services have exclusive access to Caterpillar technical support, and we provide on-site repairs and diagnostics.

The Camp Hill, Pa., facility of CB HYMAC holds the API Spec Q1 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications for its quality management system from the American Petroleum Institute (API). The scope of this registration and the approved quality management system applies to the hydraulic cylinder repair, rebuilding, machining, laser cladding, hard chrome plating, welding and component re-manufacturing capabilities at Camp Hill.

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Our services have exclusive access to Caterpillar technical support, and we provide on-site repairs and diagnostics.

CB HYMAC is also a Caterpillar certified rebuild center and a contaminant-free facility. We provide our clients with a high level of cleanliness while delivering you services with the best tools, processes and technicians. CB HYMAC frequently passes audits to ensure regulated requirements.

Hydraulic Services

Recognized as a Cat Component Rebuild Center, CB HYMAC provides repair services to industries such as mining, railroad, construction and many others. We understand how critical it is to maintain reliable hydraulic systems when you depend on your equipment day in and day out — that’s why CB HYMAC is your local repair service provider.

Our skilled technicians offer detailed inspections of every hydraulic component found on your machine. We locate the hard-to-find replacement parts with ease, offer a warranty on each repair service and ensure our components are genuine Cat parts whenever applicable.

Our experienced technicians have remanufactured more than 2,000 types of cylinders, valves and pumps, making it clear we dedicate ourselves to helping you receive the best assistance. We also provide standard emulsion fluid testing up to 10,000 psi so you can ensure your fluid analysis is inspected at regular intervals.

CB HYMAC employs 60 well-trained experts to perform compression, load testing, and repair. Other hydraulic services we provide include:

  • Pump and motor manufacturing and repair
  • Cylinder manufacturing and repair
  • Hammer repairs and rebuilds
  • Valve reconditioning
  • Hose servicing

We administer exceptional support and are confident in our certified Cat standards to get the job done.

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Pump and Motor Manufacturing and Repair


CB HYMAC reduces your equipment’s downtime by performing affordable and rapid services. We can provide hydraulic pump rebuilds for Caterpillar pumps, and pumps built by other leading equipment manufacturers such as Black Horse, Bosch Rexroth and Danfoss Sauer pumps. For proficient recognition, we also keep a record of your equipment’s breakdown patterns.

Our Cat Component Rebuild Center offers the following services:

  • Component rebuilds
  • Power end rebuilds
  • Crankshaft rebuilds
  • Hammer rebuilds
  • Winch rebuilds

Factory-trained professionals at our facility can build, certify, clean and cap hoses within 30 minutes or less and we complete all our services using contaminant-controlled standards.

Cylinder Manufacturing and Repair


Instead of making your purchase a new hydraulic cylinder, CB HYMAC can salvage parts from your damaged cylinder to save you time and money. Salvaged parts may include tubes, rods, rod eyes, pistons or packing. If your tubes have slight scratches, our experts can reseal them so they’re good as new. We make sure your equipment works at full capacity because we understand the importance of efficiency in your business.

CB HYMAC provides manufacturing and repair work for cylinder grinding and chrome plating. Plus, we offer our clients exchange cylinders. Like many of our services, we work with Cat equipment and machines from other leading manufacturers. We also provide new cylinder design and manufacturing, while providing services to rebuild, resize, reseal, re-rod, re-tube or re-chrome existing cylinders.

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Winch Rebuilds


When you invest in winch rebuilds from CB HYMAC, you’ll save money when compared to buying new. Our expert technicians will offer you quality and affordability using modern technology and offering flat rate pricing.

Winch rebuilds include:

  • Brake friction discs and plates
  • Clutch friction discs and plates
  • Filter
  • In-house testing
  • Rebearing and reseal
  • Replace missing or damaged decals

Our 150-horsepower bench not only tests for functionality and clutch pressure, but also examines solenoid valves and other components. We can simulate winch performance with our test bench technology for Cat, Allied or Paccar, meaning we can synch virtually any piece of equipment you have.

When you have limited time, refer to our Rebuild Exchange Program to replace a winch with one that’s fully functioning. Winches in stock at CB HYMAC include the PA56, PA140, Allied W8 and W12 — cables are not included but can be purchased through any of our parts departments. Instead of waiting for a repair that may result in downtime, you can get back to work as soon as possible.

We even offer free transportation to our CB HYMAC Rebuild Facility from any Cleveland Brothers location.

Hammer Repairs and Rebuilds


To increase your equipment’s productivity and decrease malfunctions, CB HYMAC eliminates possible breakdowns to safeguard your machine’s effectiveness. We ensure your machinery runs smoothly by using tools such as our test bench and hammer pit for precision. Not only do we apply certified Cat standards, but we also use our expertise to repair and rebuild hammers — no matter the make or model.

Our test bench is a patented, exclusive piece of equipment — CB HYMAC is the only dealer to provide this service. The bench can test up to 12,000 ft-lb of force for brands such as NPK, Atlas, Copco and Kent that need hammer repairs and rebuilds.

Hammer rebuilds include:

  • Free hammer operation and maintenance training
  • Lower bushings
  • The option to upgrade to auto-lube system
  • Paint and decal
  • Reseal with new diaphragm
  • Upper bushings

Our test bench is the best method to ensure your hammer is in perfect condition and working order.

Valve Reconditioning


Wear and tear happens. The deterioration of your equipment’s small parts can have a significant impact on the larger parts and ultimately lead to a failure. Wear and tear of your machine’s valves can prevent you from performing an efficient and successful work day. However, hydraulic valve reconditioning from CB HYMAC helps to avoid additional expenses on components so you can focus your finances on more critical aspects.

CB HYMAC provides the following services for hydraulic pressure valve reconditioning:

  • Repair damaged main control and hydraulic pressure valves
  • In-house spray welding
  • Chrome plating techniques

While we use authentic Cat components whenever possible, CB HYMAC also works with other leading equipment manufacturer parts. Our professionals are here to help you choose the right repair option for your line of work that also fits your price range.

Hose Servicing


CB HYMAC hydraulic services include rebuilding hoses using Caterpillar reusable couplings and fabricating new hoses for Caterpillar, Non-Cat machines and industrial applications. Because dirt and debris can accumulate in hydraulic system hoses, premature failure is common. But with our specified quality control checks, CB HYMAC guarantees to certify, clean and cap your hoses within 30 minutes.

Hydraulic Hose Quality Control Checks Performed:

  • We eliminate contaminants from inside the hose by using a specialized air-filled foam. The foam prevents damage from dirt and debris that may seep into other hydraulic components.
  • To prevent coupling crimps from slipping off during re-installment, we measure each to their proper diameter.
  • We cap hose ends to ensure the fluids remain clean and contaminant-free.

Our hydraulic service and manufacturing deliver superior conditions to repair and remanufacture hydraulic pumps, motors, valves and cylinders.

Hydraulic Hose Parts Provided:

  • Cat XT hoses that surpass industry standards for durability and reliability
  • Cat reuseable couplings
  • High-, medium- and low-pressure hoses kept in-stock

To find out more about how CB HYMAC provides high-quality hydraulic services, visit our website.

Machining Services

CB HYMAC specializes in machining and hydraulic services for your heavy equipment and industrial machinery. Our commitment to getting the job done efficiently, quickly and competitively are upheld throughout our CB HYMAC division.

CB HYMAC specializes in machining and hydraulic services for your heavy equipment and industrial machinery.

At CB HYMAC, we are experts at machining for heavy iron and metal applications for the construction, oil and gas, railroad, mining and industrial environments. Whether it’s simple or complex machining, our facilities offer the best technology and engineers to get the job done right and precise. You can trust CB HYMAC to deliver high quality, high performing products.

At CB HYMAC, we employ more than 60 trained technicians to help service your machine at the premier standards of Caterpillar. We follow strict contamination regulations and testing guidelines to guarantee our finished product is performs at optimal levels.

Interested in learning more about our CB HYMAC machine shop division and its services? Contact Cleveland Brothers or visit our CB HYMAC website.

Welding Services

As a division of Cleveland Brothers, CB HYMAC carries the same dedication to maintaining the highest-quality standards in the industry. Our certified welders are capable of welding on carbon, copper, alloy steels, stainless and aluminum.

We offer reconditioning services for a range of expensive components at lower prices compared to purchasing new products. Our computer-controlled, automatic burning tables are also capable of cutting carbon steel plates up to 6 inches thick. CB HYMAC welding services recondition components to equal or better standards compared to new parts.

Welding salvaging services

Our welding salvaging operations include:

  • Transmission-shaft-surfaces
  • Rear-differential-trunnions
  • Pump-shaft-seal-surfaces
  • Yokes
Laser Clad Welding Services


Our welding services also include laser-clad welding, which is a specialized type of welding used to repair your equipment. Laser-clad welding is a method that outperforms conventional welding techniques by using low heat input and high solidification rates. The process is precise because the laser is an extremely focused heat source. Advantages of laser-clad welding compared to traditional methods are as follows:

  • Creates a perfect metallurgical bond
  • Produces low heat input
  • Provides superior control over the process
  • Extends the weldability of sensitive materials, such as carbon-rich steels or nickel-based super alloys
  • Avoids the need to apply post-weld heat treatments

If you are searching for experienced welders and modern technology methods to repair your heavy equipment’s worn or broken components, visit CB HYMAC.

Fabrication Services

Our commitment to ensuring a competitive, quick and effective job in repairing your heavy equipment parts at Cleveland Brothers transfers to our CB HYMAC division as well. We provide turnkey services for all of your fabrication needs. Our in-house engineering and design assistance services produce rapid turnaround, competitive pricing and of course, high-quality standards.

When your equipment needs exact specifications to get the job done, CB HYMAC is your expert partner for custom fabrication. We can design and produce custom fittings to meet precise requirements for any project. Our state-of-the-art facility offers advanced pattern cutting, CNC machining and CNC welding services making us a full-solution fabrication shop centrally located in Pennsylvania. Drop off your equipment at any Cleveland Brothers location for easy and convenient transporting to CB HYMAC in Harrisburg, PA.

The custom fabrication shop of CB HYMAC provides you with exceptional turnkey services. Learn more information about how CB HYMAC can service your fabrication needs.

Chroming and Polishing Services

As a full-service hydraulic cylinder shop, CB HYMAC is able to rebuild, repair, re-chrome, re-tube and fabricate cylinders, including all models of industrial and commercial applications. We provide the following chroming services:

  • Re-chrome parts up to 38 feet by 22 inches in diameter
  • Hone up to 25 inches in diameter
  • Repair chrome spots without total re-chroming
  • Genuine HYCO telescopic cylinders are available to CB HYMAC clients

The CB HYMAC division offers genuine HYCO telescoping cylinders, which are the most premium products on the market. HYCO cylinders have increased impact and scratch resistance as they’re designed with alloy steel tubing. These genuine cylinders produce lower running friction, while also having a U-cup design and alloy tubing material.

Chrome refinishing increases the corrosion life of your industrial or heavy equipment parts without affecting their mechanical properties. The CB HYMAC industrial re-chroming process can also increase the hardness of a component, which adds a greater wear resistance. Chrome plating increases not only the mechanical properties of your hydraulic cylinder components, but also the physical properties.

To learn more about CB HYMAC chroming and polishing services, check out our CB HYMAC website.

Repair and Resurfacing Services

Your heavy equipment or industrial machine relies heavily on powerful hydraulics to perform at optimum levels. And like any main component, the hydraulic system is sensitive to dirt and debris. When contaminants build up on your machine’s parts, hydraulic resurfacing is essential in maintaining a reliable and safe operation.

Hydraulic repair technicians at CB HYMAC, a division of Cleveland Brothers, can repair and remanufacture cylinders, pumps and motors. We can custom-build your heavy equipment cylinders to fit your exact application, or we can salvage your machine’s worn or damaged components. Our trained professionals will ensure a high-quality service while saving you time and money.

We leverage our knowledge and expertise of Caterpillar, the world’s leading heavy equipment manufacturer. Our machining shop at CB HYMAC offers the industry’s best CNC equipment and Cat exclusive technology. As a result, CB HYMAC provides better wear-resistance, increased component life and faster application times.

Our qualified technicians and machinists have in-depth experience to help repair your heavy equipment components. They are trained to find each faulty source and to develop an effective repair strategy. Before returning your machine, CB HYMAC thoroughly tests its working performance for accuracy.

If you are searching for a cost-effective and exceptional service for your hydraulic resurfacing or repair needs, contact CB HYMAC today!

Fluid End Manufacturing

CB HYMAC provides fluid end machining for your heavy equipment and industrial machinery in your milling, drilling or threading jobs. Directional drilling critically relies on fluid ends to regulate the fluids being pumped into the well for oil fracking. Because fluid ends play a critical role and perform for consistent regulation, the components only last about several weeks — and in some cases, several days.

We leverage our extensive experience in the oil and gas industry. Over the years, we’ve mastered designing custom fluid ends of any size for any application. Our in-house engineers will work with you to create a fluid end that meets OEM specifications to run at optimal performance. Made from solid blocks of steel, fluid ends require large amounts of machining. Although fluid ends may pose machining challenges, such as raw material scale, varying depths of cut and long tool overhangs, CB HYMAC professionals are trained for the job.

The phases of fluid end manufacturing are:

  1. Cutting and Cubing: The cutting and cubing process involves squaring rough billets and prepares the block for rough machining.
  2. Rough Machining: Rough machining is a phase that optimizes your machine’s operations and provides high metal removal rates.
  3. Finish Machining: The process of finish machining encompasses threading operations.

Our fluid end manufacturers are trained in-house to provide you with the highest-quality manufacturing at cost-effective rates. To learn more about fluid end manufacturing at CB HYMAC, check out our website.

Fluid Analysis


To prevent engine and hydraulics failure, Cleveland Brothers and CB HYMAC offer fluid analysis services to test and analyze your oil and coolant fluids. The wearing of an engine can release particles of metal into an engine’s oil and fluid systems, damaging components in your heavy equipment or industrial machinery.

We recommend using a scheduled oil sampling, or SOS, program to detect problems with your machine’s fluids to avoid expensive repairs and downtime. Collecting machine fluids for analysis is simple:

  1. Request a fluid sample kit from Cleveland Brothers or CB HYMAC.
  2. Collect the fluid — choose either the Oil Valve Probe method or Vacuum Extraction method.
  3. Complete the label included with the kit and send the oil to your local Cleveland Brothers or CB HYMAC location.

Routine fluid analysis can help prevent unexpected downtime. Much like routine doctor’s visits, routine oil and fluid sampling offer early detection of contaminants in your machine’s system – saving you thousands on potential repair costs.


Power End Rebuilds

Power end rebuilds deliver new life to old equipment to maximize durability and value. Cat machines are “built to be rebuilt,” and the process delivers a cost-effective solution compared to purchasing new components.

The power end rebuild process involves the following:

  • We thoroughly inspect your part and provide an accurate quotation.
  • CB HYMAC disassembles your machine and components.
  • Our factory-trained technicians use specialty tools to reassemble products by standards set by Cat.
  • The process involves painting, re-identification and warranty.

Our power end rebuild program at CB HYMAC is Cat certified, and our technicians incorporate modern technology and engineering updates. The outcome will increase your engine’s efficiency, fuel economy and performance. Our CB HYMAC division guarantees a cost-effective rebuild to save you time and money. We put our high-quality standards in place to assure you exceptional service. Learn more about the power end rebuild procedure CB HYMAC offers.

Hydraulic Component Rebuilds

To give your Cat machine a run at its “second life,” CB HYMAC facilitates in rebuilding your undercarriage and track components. We perform component rebuilds in-house by Cat factory-trained technicians. By rebuilding parts of your heavy equipment or industrial machine, its lifespan will increase for a fraction of the cost compared to total replacements.

Component rebuild services

Component rebuilds include:

  • Final drives
  • Transmissions and converters
  • Differentials
  • Piston pumps and motors

Our Rebuild Center employs trained technicians in heavy equipment component rebuilds, as they integrate modern technology and the most up-to-date techniques.

The component rebuild process involves the following steps:

  1. CB HYMAC cleans and prepares components for assessment.
  2. We thoroughly test components using modern technology.
  3. Techs disassemble and inspect all parts.
  4. We re-assemble with replacement or reconditioned parts.
  5. We complete final testing of rebuilt components to ensure high standards.

All component rebuilds obtain the quality, contamination control and safety standards of Caterpillar. CB HYMAC offers rebuild options such as:

  • Cat-certified rebuild
  • Cat power train rebuild
  • Cleveland Brothers second life rebuild
  • Cleveland Brothers power train rebuild
  • Powertrain rebuild
  • Cleveland Brothers custom rebuild

Our different rebuild options have the potential to save you between 40-50% of the cost compared to new replacement machines.

Our different rebuild options have the potential to save you between 40 to 75 percent of the cost compared to new replacement machines. Sounds like a good deal, right? A deal that provides you a cost-effective solution while maintaining high standards of completion. If you are searching for more information about our machining and hydraulics division, check out CB HYMAC.

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