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Electric Power Generation

Electric Power Generation

At Cleveland Brothers, we sell gas and diesel power generation equipment from Caterpillar®.  As your Cat representative for Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia, we offer the brand’s most popular models for industrial uses. In addition to industries like construction and mining, we serve businesses in healthcare, education and other sectors with power needs.

Cat Power Generation Equipment for Sale

Our selection of power generation equipment includes the following types of gas and diesel generators:

  • Gas generators: work with a broad range of gaseous fuels, including natural gas, biogas, propane, coal gas and alternative fuels. Compared to diesel, gas has a widely available fuel supply and burns cleaner.
  • Mission critical standby: When a Cat generator has a mission critical standby rating, it can provide its nameplate rating for the length of an outage. Mission critical standby generators have a typical operation of 200 hours per year and maximum usage of 500 hours.
  • Standby power diesel generators: work similarly to mission critical standby generators. Generator sets have an average output of 70% of their power rating, while mission critical models average 85%.
  • Continuous power diesel generators: deliver ongoing output without a varying load. One of these generator sets typically uses 70-100% of its rating and peaks at 100% output.
  • Prime power diesel generators: offer continuous output with a 10% overload capacity for emergency use. They tend to operate at a lower output percentage vs. continuous generators and can handle a varying load.

Advantages of Cat Power Generators

World-class advantages of a Cat generator set:

  • Rugged design for reliable performance in a wide range of conditions
  • Available with a scalable EMCP controller panel that provides insights on engine and output optimization
  • Unmatched motor-starting capabilities
  • High-efficiency energy generation

Power Solutions From Caterpillar

You can count on support before, during and after your generator set purchase. Solutions offered alongside power generation products include:

  • System development support: If you need to build a commercial power system, Cat experts at Cleveland Brothers can help you choose the right generator sets for your specifications. They can also provide engineering support for full equipment integration.
  • SOS Fluid Analysis: With the SOS Fluid Analysis program, send a sample of your generator fluids for lab analysis. We will provide a report with recommendations based on your fluid’s chemical composition.
  • Factory maintenance services: Our technicians perform factory-authorized repairs and maintenance on Cat equipment. Services include warranty work and preventive maintenance programs to keep generator sets running at their best.

Get Power Generation Equipment From Cleveland Brothers

We can help find the electrical power equipment your facility needs for optimal efficiency. For more information, contact us today.

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