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Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Customized PM Agreements to Fit Your Needs

Extending the life of your equipment is one of the items at the top of your checklist for running a successful business. So it’s important to perform the proper maintenance on your machines to reduce or eliminate unnecessary downtime. A Preventive Maintenance (PM) Agreement with Cleveland Brothers can help.

Whether the work is done by you at your shop or at one of our facilities, we can develop a PM Agreement together to help keep your equipment operating at maximum efficiency and productivity and to help keep downtime costs to a minimum.

Your PM Agreement may include:

  • A well-documented service history to help increase the resale value of your machine
  • All of the parts in one box that you need for each recommended maintenance interval on your machine with EZKits
  • Inspections and Scheduled Oil Sampling (S•O•S℠ Fluid Analysis) to detect potential problems early, reducing failures and repair costs

We’re ready to work with you to develop a customized agreement that provides maximum benefits for your equipment, your business and your way of working.

Looking For A Preventive Maintenance Kit?

Keep your machine in tip-top shape. Cat® makes it easy with preventive maintenance kits (a.k.a. EZKits or PM Kits) already packed with the parts you need.

Search Cat® PartStore for EZKits for any machine, at any recommended service interval.




How to Search For Preventive Maintenance Kits in Cat® PartStore

    1. Login to Cat® PartStore


    1. Under “Other Parts Books”, choose Planned Maintenance Checklist.


  1. Search by Machine Serial NumberSales Model, or choose from a list of Machine Types.


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