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Air Compressors – Portable

Air Compressors – Portable

Portable Air Compressors

The assorted needs of your work site calls for reliable, quality equipment to help you meet challenges head-on. Whether you require a portable source of supplemental, replacement and emergency plant air or a mobile air source on construction sites, we have a solution.

For applications ranging from media blasting and painting, Cleveland Brothers supplies a selection of portable air compressor systems to meet your demands. We carry the finest, most dependable, cost-effective compressed air solutions from leading brands such as Sullair, Atlas Copco and Hurricane, including 100% oil-free electric air compressors, diesel-drive air compressors, oil flooded and instrument quality units.

Superior Air Compressor Quality and Performance

We carry portable air compressors to suit just about any application in the construction or industrial sectors. We’ll help you locate the machine with the specific CFM, PSIG and dew point levels to efficiently handle your jobs — big or small. All of our portable air compressors supply flexible, cost-efficient air compression. After-cooled and filtered systems provide instrument-quality air that’s free of aerosols and particulate contaminants, and they meet or exceed government standards.

Our stock of portable diesel air compressors represents the ultimate in quality and selection, whether your needs call for the versatile 375-CFM, 150-PSI Sullair 375H-AF aftercooled and filtered “IQ” air system or the compact yet ultra-powerful Hurricane B18-42/2175 air booster compressor, featuring 2900 CFM, 2157 PSI.

For air compressors perfect for emergency use, standby air, supplemental air or peak load shaving, electrical industrial air compressors come in variable speed or oil-free air versions, with built-in circuit breakers and auto controls to maximize production.

We also offer custom-built compressor packages and portable sound-attenuated enclosures.

Portable Air Compressor Applications

Our air compression machines provide lasting performance in applications ranging from air-powered controls, valves, dampers and cylinders to general-purpose construction and industrial plant air. Other popular uses of our mobile air compression systems include mining and drilling applications, painting and sandblasting, irrigation blowouts and sewer cleaning.

Whether you need a system for winterization and ice blasting or for air lancing for crack blowout prior to tar sealing, we’ll help you find the most economical, effective solution. Contact us today.

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