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Air Compressor Filters

Your job site calls on compressed air for a variety of essential applications. With quality air filters from Sullair, you can ensure your equipment and processes are protected, while at the same time boosting your performance and keeping energy costs to a minimum.

Cleveland Brothers proudly supplies industries across Pennsylvania and throughout Northern Maryland and West Virginia with the air compressor filters they can count on. Whether you need general purpose or high quality compressed air, we have the compressed air filters required for your specific application.

Sullair® Air Compressor Filters

The name Sullair® inspires consumer confidence as a brand that specializes in producing the best compressed air filters on the market. When used in combination with Sullair air compressor units and dryers, these filters are guaranteed to perform for the duration of their operational life.

Air Compressor Filters for Sale

Our Sullair air filters are available in models ranging from standard and flange filters to high-pressure and mist eliminator filters. Whether you need filters for instrumentation, food processing or pharmaceutical work, you’ll find a model the fits your needs.

The FX standard filter family from Sullair offers consistent performance and top-level filtration. Units produce anywhere from 25 to 1600 scfm, and they feature double element construction and an effective drain layer to ensure durability and enhanced product quality.

For applications that require large flange style filters, the FW model offers a range of superior units ranging from 1 micron to .003 microns. The FW family can produce anywhere from 1,500 to 17,000 scfm with pressure up to 200 psig, and they feature seven element types, color-coded elements, an external float drain and differential pressure gauge.

When your application requires the highest-pressure levels, the FHP line from Sullair delivers superior performance with up to 725 psig. Available in three element choices, the FHP filter line comes standard with a high-pressure manual drain and are ASME and CRN approved.

With your choice of 13 models representing a range of 150 to 12,000 scfm, the ELM Mist Eliminator meets the most stringent requirements for high-quality, clean compressed air. The unit is designed to remove oil-mist carryover from piston or oil-flooded rotary compressors, causing low-pressure drop and rugged performance that sustains over the machine’s service lifetime.

Call Cleveland Brothers today for a quote on the air compressor filter that’s best suited for your application.

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