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Trench Rollers

Trench Rollers

Trench Rollers

When your work calls for the compacting of backfill from granular soil in trench-like conditions, the garden-variety roller compactor just won’t do. You need a specially designed trench roller with a compact frame and soil handling ability to maximize your productivity.

Whether your business is residential construction, landscaping, roadwork or municipal projects, Cleveland Brothers has the hard-working trench rollers you are looking for. We’ve been supplying the construction industry with essential machines for generations, such as trench rollers, and we continue to be the go-to source across Pennsylvania, Northern West Virginia and Northern Maryland.

RTx Trench Rollers

When you are looking for a trench roller to compact cohesive soil, the RTx is built to get the job done. Trench rollers from Wacker Neuson are the tailor-made solution for a host of construction applications that require the compaction of excavations and sub bases, from foundations and parking facilities to roads and paved surfaces.

Advanced Technology Trench Rollers

Wacker Neuson’s RTx trench rollers are enhanced with innovative features, such as sheepsfoot drums that work in conjunction with adjustable centrifugal force for an impressive boost in performance. The axle exciters in both drums promote compaction efficiency and stability, while the trench roller’s articulated joints allow for fluid maneuvering in curves and graded turns.

Safety features on the RTx include a proximity recognition sensor that halts operation when the machine gets too close to the user, as well as an automatic shut-down system that turns the machine off when the line of sight is impeded.

Trench Roller Features

The RTx trench roller is loaded with features to improve production, such as a maintenance-free lower end that self lubricates the drive and exciters for prolonged peak performance. Modern technology puts the user in total control, including an LED engine diagnostic module that supplies real-time readings of everything from oil pressure and radiator levels to engine temperature and battery and air filter capacity.

Available in two model variations, the RT 82-SC2 trench roller has a 32-inch operating width, while the RTx-SC features extendable drums from operating in variable conditions.

Call Cleveland Brothers today for a quote on a top-quality trench roller for your construction application.

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