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Gardner Denver

Gardner Denver

Gardner Denver Air Compressors & Accessories

Air compressors are versatile pieces of equipment that you’ll find in a vast range of industries. From mining to food packing, Gardner Denver air compressors offer quite a few choices to meet your requirements while providing top-tier performance.

As the leading global provider of mission-critical flow control technology and compression equipment that supports a wide range of industries and applications, Cleveland Brothers is proud to be an authorized dealer of Gardner Denver compressed air products and solutions.

Uses for Gardner Denver Industrial Equipment

Pressurized air is a necessity for many companies that rely on it to supply their services and create their products. Applications for our available compressors include:

  • Pneumatic tool operation
  • Tire filling
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining, including filtration systems, extraction, OEM applications, etc.
  • Food packing
  • Agricultural, including powering ventilation systems, dairy machines, spraying crops, etc.
  • Dry cleaning
  • Energy exploration

We Carry a Variety of Gardner Denver Industrial Equipment

Our inventory offers multiple types of modern air compressor technology. We offer Denver Gardner rotary screw air compressors, which have become the standard in a majority of industries. As companies expanded and demand increased throughout the 20th century, older air compressors needed a quicker and more efficient way to meet air pressurization needs.

The rotary screw has a continuous sweeping design that allows for that improved flow, as it lacks the surging and pulsation found in piston models. Our several oil-flooded rotary screw compressors include variable speeds, which enables you to alter the rate at which it produces air, or fixed, which helps when you need continuous flow without having to worry about variations.

You can choose from oil-free compressors, too. These models generally require less maintenance, offer cleaner air and maintain more versatility in how you orient and position them. We offer two types of dryers: Refrigerated and desiccant.

Both of these dryers remove moisture from compressed air, though they go about it differently. Refrigerated models cool the air down to condense the vapor, while desiccant dryers pass the air through a water-absorbing substance to clean it.

We carry various accessories to maximize the performance of compressors and related equipment, including lubricants, tubes, chillers, oil-water separators, condensate drains and filters.

Superior Products With Gardner Denver

With over 15 years as the leading solutions provider in the Pennsylvania region, Cleveland Brothers is committed to providing excellent products to support your operational needs. We offer an extensive product line of blowers, compressors, drilling pumps, and fracturing pumps, and provide exceptional product support and service, warranty support and rental solutions.

Superior Service With Cleveland Brothers

Cleveland Brothers delivers quality, industry-leading warranty programs, and unmatched 24/7 local service and support to customers of all markets and industries. Whether you are in the automotive, industrial, energy, medical or manufacturing business, Cleveland Brothers offers total solutions for your company.

The dedicated Compressed Air division of Cleveland Brothers features Department of Energy (DOE) certified sales engineers who manage systems projects, from performing compressed air/energy assessments to turnkey installations, and factory-certified service technicians who will handle the commissioning startup of the entire compressed air systems.

If you need assistance finding the ideal air compressor, contact us today to learn more.

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