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Fleet Management Solutions

Fleet Management Solutions

Fleet Management Solutions

Electronics, communications software and analytics support customers’ uptime and efficiency of their equipment

Technology-enabled fleet management solutions use electronics, communications software and analytics to support customers by maximizing the uptime and efficiency of their equipment while minimizing the cost of ownership through lifecycle planning and management. Most Caterpillar equipment is factory-equipped — or can be retrofit with — one or more of the technologies below.

Caterpillar offers the following technology products to improve fleet operations:

  • Machine Security System: An Equipment Theft Deterrent System
  • Product Link™: A remote monitoring solution that collects data from your asset’s electronic control module and provides information you can use to more efficiently and effectively manage your fleet
  • RAC: Road Analysis Control
  • VIMS: Vital Information Management System. The current release includes VIMSpc.
  • VIMS Supervisor: Vital Information Management System Supervisor Software provides custom fleet production and maintenance reports by extracting data from the VIMS PC® Database.

Product Link™

Advanced monitoring and communications technology that redefines fleet management effectiveness.

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Vital Information Management System (VIMS)

This powerful tool for machine management provides operators, service personnel and managers information on a wide range of vital machine functions.

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Mining Technology

New technologies that help keep workers safe and help you get more out of your operation.

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Learn Tips to Increase Profits by Better Equipment Management

An effective maintenance program lengthens machine life, keeps your equipment productive, increases resale value and reduces unscheduled downtime.


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