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Air Compressors – Stationary

Air Compressors – Stationary

Stationary Air Compressors

Whether your work is in agriculture or auto repair, your business needs a power source that’s reliable and efficient. For over a century, industries of every kind have depended on flexible, clean and convenient compressed air to bring their machines and tools to life.

At Cleveland Brothers, we recognize your need for productive, cost-effective compressed air solutions, which is why we offer a complete line of Gardner Denver stationary air compressors. We’re the go-to source businesses across Pennsylvania and beyond rely on for the equipment to tackle their most rigorous tasks. We stand ready to equip your outfit with stationary air compressors that will increase your productivity.

The Best-Quality Stationary Air Compressors

Cleveland Brothers has a superior selection of stationary air compressors from Gardner Denver,a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality air compression and vacuum equipment. Gardner Denver products feature the latest advancements in compressed air and gas system technology, resulting in the most reliable, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions on the market.

Find the Ideal Stationary Air Compressor for Your Applications

For every application, there is an air compressor solution in stock — from encapsulated and lubricated compressors and two-stage tandem variable-capacity to two-state extreme-pressure and variable-speed drive compressors. Our selection includes:

  • Fixed-speed air compressors: Fixed-speed units can provide a cost-effective compressed air solution for lower-capacity requirements. They’re designed to deliver consistent frequency and voltage to the motor, which makes them the most efficient option for applications with a steady compressed air demand. Fixed-speed air compressors also have a relatively simple design with fewer moving parts, which makes it easier to perform preventive maintenance and find replacement parts.
  • Variable-speed air compressors: Variable-speed models can better serve the needs of operations with fluctuating compressed air demands, such as those where production levels vary between work shifts or seasons. When used in the appropriate applications, they can deliver reduced energy consumption — they may even help business owners quality for energy incentives from the government. The ability to adapt the speed to the application can also minimize component wear, which can extend the compressor’s lifespan.
  • Oil-free compressors: Oil-free stationary compressors offer an eco-friendly alternative for companies looking to comply with environmental standards. They feature pre-lubricated cylinders that don’t require oil, along with a Teflon coating for protection. These compressors can operate in multiple directions for maximum application flexibility. They’re also smaller and lighter than traditional compressors and less expensive to purchase and maintain.

Learn More About Our Selection of Stationary Air Compressors

Cleveland Brothers has been a trusted equipment solutions provider since 1948. We have the expertise to help you make the perfect match between compressor and application. We’ll be happy to explain the differences between the various types of stationary air compressors so you can make an informed business decision. And you can count on us for timely maintenance or repair services when you need them.

Call Cleveland Brothers or contact us online today for a quote on a stationary air compressor that’s right for you.

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