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Remixing Transfer Vehicles

Remixing Transfer Vehicles

Remixing Transfer Vehicles

When the success of your paving business is based on the quality of your work and how fast you get down the road, you need the right equipment to support your efforts. For impressive non-contact, non-stop asphalt paving, a remixing transfer vehicle is an essential piece of the puzzle.

Cleveland Brothers understands the challenges businesses across Pennsylvania face, supplying the heavy machinery that has made progress possible since 1948. We carry a complete line of remixing transfer vehicles, and we stand ready to assess your needs in order to supply the solution to best tackle your specific application.

Top-Quality Remixing Transfer Vehicles

Our remixing transfer vehicles are known for performance, production and extreme durability. Weiler specializes in building and designing road paving equipment that combines proven methods with innovative technology in order to out-perform the competition.

E2850 Remixing Transfer Vehicle

The E2850 represents ultimate production in a 300-horsepower machine designed for continuous non-contact asphalt paving. From easy, more effective cleanout to safe operation over long work sessions, the E2850 delivers the rugged production you can rely on.

The E2850 features a powerful Cat C9® Tier III engine, 100-gallon hydraulic tank capacity and 25-ton storage capacity. With a 10-mph transport speed and 2.2-mph working speed, this remixing transfer vehicle ramps up production. Optional features include a rear steer with 14-foot inside turning radius, 13-ton hopper insert and 5-ton hopper insert extension, as well as optional lighting packages and hydraulic 9 kW generator.

E1250A Remixing Transfer Vehicle

The self-propelled E1250A supplies versatility with impressive power, and it can be fitted with either a truck dump head or a windrow head. This elevator for non-contact, non-stop paving remixes either size- and temperature-segregated particles, effectively funneling materials for transfer. Whether you need offset paving over barriers or paving over stringlines or obstacles, the E1250A can tackle varying conditions with optimum proficiency.

Fitted with a Cat C7-250 hp Tier III engine, the E1250A has a transport speed of 9.8 mph with a 150-gallon fuel tank to optimize efficiency. This remixing transfer vehicle features a 100-gallon hydraulic tank capacity, elevator capacity of 1000-tph, conveyor capacity of 600-tph and a pivoting 2-position operator station with tilt wheel steering. Optional features include a hydraulic truck hitch, rotating LED beacon, conveyor light package and ground speed indicator.

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