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Cleveland Brothers Truck Service

Here at Cleveland Brothers we’re dedicated to bringing you the highest quality truck service available. Our goal is to help you get back on the road with minimal downtime and expense, and we have the experience to make that goal a reality.

On-Highway Truck Services From Cleveland Brothers

To help keep your trucks running properly and quickly get them back on the road after a breakdown, our team here at Cleveland Brothers is dedicated to providing on-highway truck service that exceeds your expectations. To save you time and money, we have on-highway truck service down to a science.

We’ve put in place everything we need to take care of your truck service, maintenance and emergency repairs:

  • ASE-certified technicians who perform an initial inspection to determine what needs to be done
  • 95 individual truck bays at 13 convenient locations spread across PA and northern WV
  • Cat®, Cummins and Detroit training as well as experience with ALL makes of medium- and heavy-duty trucks
  • A wide range of technical resources and the latest electronic tooling for diagnostics and repairs
  • Accreditation to perform DOT and PA State inspections for yearly validation and certification
  • A “total solutions provider” approach to take care of all levels of on-highway truck service work
  • After-hours service available for getting you back on the road outside of regular working hours

Does your heavy hauling truck need maintenance or repair? Cleveland Brothers is a full-service truck shop with over 13 locations. Check out all of the truck services we offer.

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Our 60-Minute Promise

On top of this complete range of services and capabilities, we’re proud to offer our “60-Minute Promise.” We developed this service as a way to guarantee that your truck gets the attention it needs right away when you come to one of our 13 Cleveland Brothers Truck Service locations.

We commit to providing you with 60 minutes of service upon your arrival to:

  1. Diagnose your issue
  2. Communicate our findings
  3. Estimate costs
  4. Order parts if necessary
  5. Repair your truck immediately, if possible

When your truck is off the road, it’s not making you money and you risk missing your delivery or pick-up deadlines. It’s that simple. That’s why we focus on getting you back on the road as quickly as possible and are prepared the moment your truck arrives in one of our service centers to put our expert technicians on the job. They’ll use their years of experience and advanced tools to diagnose, repair and replace as required to get your medium- or heavy-duty truck back on the highway where it belongs.

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One of the best ways to avoid the hassle of a highway breakdown is to perform proper maintenance on your fleet.

Regular preventive maintenance allows us to not only take care of regular service items such as oil and fluid changes, filter replacement, brake verifications and adjustment and cooling system verification and replenishment, but to also inspect your truck and perform any repairs or replacements before they become a problem.

With 13 locations spread across PA and northern WV, there’s a Cleveland Brothers Truck Service Center near you.

Our Preventive Maintenance Program

We tailor our Preventive Maintenance Program to match the features and options of your truck. Our technicians cover all of the following points:

Air Conditioning Service+

Inspection of the air conditioning system, including:

  • Visual inspection of belts, hoses, filters and the condenser
  • A system pressure test
  • A leak verification test
Brake Service+

Inspection of the braking system, including:

  • Brake shoe and brake drum inspection and replacement
  • Verification of proper operation of slack adjuster
Clutch Service+

Inspection of the clutch system, including:

  • Clutch actuation verification and adjustment
CNG Tank Inspection+
  • Vehicle tank inspections performed by a certified CNG inspector on staff (as required by law)
Dyno Tuning Service+

Ability to perform a wide range of dyno tuning functions, including:

  • Wheel horsepower verification
  • Advanced diagnostic testing
  • Engine dyno verification of engine HP after out of frame engine overhaul
  • Chassis dyno verification of wheel HP after chassis repairs
Scheduled Oil Sampling+

Cat’s S·O·S℠ fluid analysis service:

  • Analysis of your truck’s fluids to ensure peak performance and maximize component life
  • Coolant analysis and elemental testing
  • Engine and hydraulic oil cleanliness testing and conditioning analysis
Safety Inspections+

Fully authorized inspections for:

  • Federal DOT and PA State Inspection (WV certification coming soon)
  • Highlighting minor issues before they become major problems
  • Maintaining the legal compliance of your fleet and avoiding costly fines
Suspension and Steering Service+

Inspection of the suspension and steering systems, including:

  • Check for truck steering alignment
  • Inspection and replacement of loose or worn tie rod ends, suspension joints, and more
  • Verification of condition and functioning of air springs
Transmission Service+

Inspection of the transmission system, including:

  • Transmission fluid and filter change, using appropriate synthetic fluids as specified by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
  • Verification of transmission shift lever function, adjustment if necessarye
  • Inspection of transmission oil cooler lines and check for leaks
Wheel Alignment Service+

Inspection of the wheel alignment using Bee Line’s accurate advanced laser computerized equipment, including:

  • Corrections made to reduce fuel consumption (up to as much as 3% once properly aligned)
  • Analysis of tire wear to optimize alignment for tire performance (up to 30% less wear)
  • Reduction of friction and drag for improved handling on top of improved fuel economy and tire life
Mobile Field Service & Road Side Assistance+

Road side services including:

  • Trained technicians with mobile and road side service experience
  • A fully-equipped service truck with the necessary tools and parts
  • Available 24/7 for emergency service at 1-844-800-0801
  • Mobile preventive maintenance of your fleet at your location

At Cleveland Brothers, we’re especially proud to be a part of the Eaton Roadranger® Support Network, which provides support and assistance for genuine Eaton clutches and transmissions. This is another example of how we go above and beyond to provide you with added value and class-leading capabilities for all of your on-highway medium- and heavy-duty truck service and maintenance needs.

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At Cleveland Brothers, we can take care of any repairs required for your truck fleet. Our technicians are factory-trained and can repair and replace parts that are worn or have been damaged. When you trust us to perform your preventive maintenance and regularly inspect your on-highway trucks, we can often predict when parts need to be replaced to help you avoid costly breakdowns.

To keep your trucks running longer and more reliably, we only use OEM-approved parts and accessories and perform the services recommended by the manufacturer. Our Cat and Cummins training as well as our years of experience on all makes and models of medium- and heavy-duty trucks means we’re ready to take care of all of your trucks repairs today.

Our On-Highway Repair Services

Bring your on-highway truck to us and we can perform all the repairs you need:

Brake and Wheel End Repair+
  • Drum and rotor replacement
  • S-cam replacement
  • S-cam bushings
  • Slack adjustor and brake chamber replacement
  • Brake shoes and pads replacements
  • Wheel seals
  • Wheel bearings
  • ABS troubleshooting & repair
Chassis Repair Services+
  • Conversion kits available to overhaul your diesel engine into a compressed natural gas (CNG) engine
  • Air springs
  • Suspension components
  • Electrical
  • A/C
  • Air compressors
  • Radiator
  • After-coolers
  • Axles
  • Transmissions
  • Fan
  • Clutches
  • Power steering
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Engine Rebuild+

Conversion kits available to overhaul your diesel engine into a compressed natural gas (CNG) engine

Diagnostics Testing+
  • Check for fault codes
  • Troubleshoot fault codes
Dyno Testing+
  • Used for advanced diagnostic troubleshooting
  • Diagnose low power and performance
Engine Repair+

From oil leaks to overhauls, we offer complete engine repair service on any make or model of engine, including Cat and Cummins

Remanufactured / Exchange Engines+
  • Complete factory remanufactured engines available to replace your engine
  • Replace your engine with a rebuilt or factory remanufactured engine
Trailer Repair+

Repairs to all aspects of your on-highway trailers, including suspensions, air springs, axles, brakes, electrical systems, ABS troubleshooting & repair, landing gear, DOT inspections, lights and wiring, air lines, and more.

We invite you to contact Cleveland Brothers today. Follow the link to request your medium- and heavy-duty truck repairs today:

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Truck Body Solutions


Cleveland Brothers Full Truck Service is Your Total Dump Truck Body Solutions Provider


Known for their particularly rugged, yet lightweight dump bodies, Cleveland Brothers is proud to partner with Bibeau, a premium dump body manufacturer. Offering a wide multitude of sizes and configurations as well as endless add-on options and accessories, you can customize the dump body that best fits your needs. Designed for all trucks and applications, you’ll love the versatility and durability of Bibeau dump bodies.

Cleveland Brothers will assemble a turnkey truck, built from experience. Almost all of the moving and serviceable parts on a truck body are supplied by Cleveland Brothers, including the hoist
cylinder, dump body hinge, PTO pump, lift axle and various other hard-working parts. With several financing options available to you through Cleveland Brothers, you will find everything you need in one place and with confidence.

Visit our Bibeau page to learn more about our additional options.

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Financing Your Next Truck Repair or Engine Overhaul

Cleveland Brothers is dedicated to helping our customers succeed. We strive to keep your business strong and growing with flexible financing options. When your truck is in it for the long haul, a limited cash flow shouldn’t slow it down.

Ask about 0% financing for all repairs and overhauls on Cat, Cummins and Detroit engines. Speak with your local Cleveland Brothers Full Truck Service branch for details on a payment plan that best fits your needs.

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