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Landfill Gas to Energy Projects

Landfill Gas to Energy Projects

Landfill Gas to Energy Projects

Cleveland Brothers in PA has completed many projects in which landfill gas has been recycled into power to use as a renewable energy resource. Landfill gas is made up of about 50% methane, which is the main component of natural gas, about 50% carbon dioxide, and a small percentage of non-methane organic compounds. This gas is created when organic waste in a municipal solid waste landfill decomposes. Rather than letting the landfill gas escape into the air, it can be captured, then converted and used as an energy source. Doing this helps to reduce odors and other risks that have been associated with landfill gas emissions. It also helps to prevent methane from getting into the atmosphere and affecting global climate change, along with local problems such as smog.

The conversion of landfill gas to energy reduces the need for non-renewable energy resources like coal and oil and helps reduce emissions of air pollutants that contribute to local smog and acid rain. Landfill gas projects are also important in helping to reduce global climate change because they help reduce methane emissions, and methane is a greenhouse gas that is more potent even than carbon dioxide.

Some of the landfill gas projects we have completed:


  • Iredell County Landfill, NC – (2) G3520C’s at 1600 kW each


  • Cumberland Co. Improvement Authority, NJ – (3) G3520C’s at 1600 kW each
  • Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority, PA – (2) G3520C’s at 1600 kW each


  • Lanchester Landfill, PA – (1) G3520C at 1600 kW


  • Frey Farms Landfill, PA – (2) G3520C’s at 1600 kW each


  • Pennsauken Landfill, NJ – (3) G3516’s at 925 kW each


  • Northern Tier Solid Waste, PA – (1) G3516 at 815 kW


  • Modern Landfill, PA – (3) 3616’s at 3000 kW each
  • Lake Erie, PA – (3) G 3616’s at 3000 kW each


  • Keystone Recovery, PA – (7) G3516’s at 800 kW each


  • Lycoming Landfill, PA – (2) G3516’s at 550 kW each


  • East Pennsboro Landfill, PA – (2) G3304’s at 100 kW each

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  • Landfill Gas Recycling
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  • Packaging
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