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745 Articulated Truck

745 Articulated Truck

At a Glance

Engine Model
Cat C18
Rated Payload
45.2 t
Heaped (SAE 2:1)
32.7 yd³
5.7 in
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The Cat 745 with a 25 m³ (32.7 yd³) 41 tonnes (45.2 tons) capacity brings a new level of operator comfort and features to the market in addition to the durability, high productivity and lower operating costs Cat Articulated Trucks are known for.<br>The all-new operator cabin is a leap into the next generation for Articulated Trucks, providing our operators the best place to help build the future.


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Engine Model Cat C18
Bore 5.7in
Stroke 7.2in
Displacement 1106in³
Gross Power - SAE J1995 511HP
Net Power - SAE J1349 496HP
Emissions The 745 meets Tier 4 Final and Stage V emission standards.
No Engine De-rating Required Below 10000ft
Note (1) The power ratings apply at rated speed of 1,700 rpm when tested under the conditions for the specified standard.
Note (2) The net power advertised is the power available at the flywheel when the engine is equipped with alternator, air cleaner, muffler and fan at minimum speed.
Note (3) Net power when the fan is at maximum speed is 348 kW (467 hp) per the SAE reference conditions.
Note (4) DEF used in Cat SCR systems must meet the requirements outlined in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard 22241-1. ISO 22241-1 requirements are met by many brands of DEF, including those that carry the AdBlue or API certificatio
Peak Engine Torque Gross (SAE J1995) 1931ft·lbf
Peak Engine Torque Net (SAE J1349) 1887ft·lbf
Peak Engine Torque Speed 1200r/min
Engine Model - U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, EU Stage V, Japan 2014 (Tier 4 Final), Korea Tier 4 Final Cat® C18
Net Power - ISO 14396 504HP


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Rated Payload 45.2t

Body Capacities

+ -
Heaped (SAE 2:1) 32.7yd³
Struck 24.2yd³
Tailgate Heaped SAE 2:1 34.7yd³
Tailgate Struck 25.5yd³


+ -
Forward - 1 3.8mile/h
Forward - 2 5mile/h
Forward - 3 7mile/h
Forward - 4 8.8mile/h
Forward - 5 11.6mile/h
Forward - 6 14.2mile/h
Forward - 7 19.6mile/h
Forward - 8 23.5mile/h
Reverse - 1 4mile/h
Reverse - 2 9.1mile/h
Forward - 9 34mile/h

Service Refill Capacities

+ -
Fuel Tank 145.3gal (US)
Cooling System 23.7gal (US)
Engine Crankcase 13.7gal (US)
DEF Tank 5.3gal (US)
Steering/Hoist Hydraulic System 36.9gal (US)
Transmission - OTG 19.8gal (US)
Axles - Each 15.8gal (US)
Final Drive - Each 1.3gal (US)
Brake Cooling Tank 17.69gal (US)

Sound Levels

+ -
Interior Cab 72dB(A)
Note (1) The operator sound exposure Leq (equivalent sound pressure level) measured according to the work cycle procedures specified in ANSI/SAE J1166 OCT98 is 76 dB(A), for the cab offered by Caterpillar, when properly installed and maintained and tested with the
Note (2) Hearing protection may be needed when operating with an open operator station and cab (when not properly maintained or doors/windows open) for extended periods or in noisy environments.


+ -
Brakes ISO 3450 – 2011
Cab - FOPS ISO 3449 Level II – 2005
Cab - ROPS ISO 3471 – 2008
Steering ISO 5010 – 2007

Operating Weights

+ -
Front Axle - Empty 43515lb
Center Axle - Empty 15309lb
Rear Axle - Empty 14731lb
Total - Empty 73553lb
Front Axle - Rated Load 13007lb
Center Axle - Rated Load 38691lb
Rear Axle - Rated Load 38691lb
Total - Rated Load 90390lb
Front Axle - Loaded 56522lb
Center Axle - Loaded 54000lb
Rear Axle - Loaded 53422lb
Total - Loaded 163942lb


+ -
Lock to Lock 4.8 seconds @ 60 rpm

Turning Circle

+ -
Note Dimensions are for machines equipped with 29.5R25 tires.
Turning Dimensions - Aisle Width 233in
Turning Dimensions - Clearance Radius 356in
Turning Dimensions - Inside Radius 174in
Turning Dimensions - SAE Turning Radius 340in
Turning Dimensions - Steer Angle - Left/Right 45 deg

Body Plate

+ -
Front 0.28in
Chute 0.55in
Side 0.43in
Base 0.55in
Type High Strength Brinell HB450 Wear Resistant Steel

Body Hoist

+ -
Lower (manual) 10s
Lower (automatic) 10s
Raise (automatic) 13s
Raise (manual) 12s

Optimal Loader/Truck Pass Matching

+ -
Hydraulic Excavator: 390 - Passes 4
Hydraulic Excavator: 374 - Passes 5
Wheel Loader: 982 - Passes 4
Wheel Loader: 980 - Passes 43926
Wheel Loader: 972 - Passes 43926
Note An optimum system match gives you a major productivity advantage. Having matched loading and hauling tools results in increased production and lower system costs per unit of volume moved.