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430E/430E IT Backhoe Loader

430E/430E IT Backhoe Loader

At a Glance

Net Power - SAE J1349
102.0 hp
Dig Depth - Standard
15.41 ft
Operating Weight - Maximum
24251.0 lb
Engine Model (Standard)
Cat® C4.4 ACERT® DIT
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With standard pilot-operated joystick controls, a more comfortable operator station, extendible stick design and increased performance, the 430E/430E IT lets you get more done with less effort.


+ -
Net Power - SAE J1349 102.0hp
Engine Model (Standard) Cat® C4.4 ACERT® DIT
Gross Power - SAE J1995 111.0hp
Net Power - ISO 9249 103.0hp
Gross Power - ISO 14396 110.0hp
Net Power - EEC 80/1269 103.0hp
Bore 4.13in
Stroke 5.0in
Displacement 268.0in3
Net Peak Power @ 1,800 rpm - EEC 80/1269 105.0hp
Net Peak Power @ 1,800 rpm - ISO 9249 105.0hp
Net Peak Power @ 1,800 rpm - SAE J1349 103.0hp
Net Torque Rise @ 1400 rpm - Standard 43.0%
Net Peak Torque @ 1400 rpm - Standard - SAE J1349 349.0lb ft


+ -
Dig Depth - Standard 15.41ft
E-Stick Retracted 15.78ft
E-Stick Extended 19.52ft
Reach from Swing Pivot - Standard 19.85ft
E-Stick Retracted 20.19ft
E-Stick Extended 23.78ft
Bucket Rotation 205.0Degrees
Bucket Dig Force - Standard 15892.0lb
E-Stick Retracted 15680.0lb
E-Stick Extended 15680.0lb
Stick Dig Force - Standard 9940.0lb
E-Stick Retracted 9730.0lb
E-Stick Extended 7197.0lb
Stick Lift @ 2440 mm (8 ft) - Standard 5992.0lb
E-Stick Retracted 6100.0lb
E-Stick Extended 4334.0lb
Loading Height - Standard 12.98ft
E-Stick Retracted 12.83ft
E-Stick Extended 14.83ft
Loading Reach - Standard 5.82ft
E-Stick Retracted 6.39ft
E-Stick Extended 9.57ft


+ -
Operating Weight - Maximum 24251.0lb
Operating Weight - Nominal 15708.0lb
Cab, ROPS/FOPS 573.0lb
Auto-Shift Transmission 60.0lb
Ride Control 55.0lb
Four Wheel Drive 342.0lb
Loader, IT w/QC 805.0lb
Extendible Stick (no weights) 615.0lb
Air Conditioning 86.0lb
Counterweights (Option 1) 255.0lb
Counterweights (Option 2) 510.0lb
Counterweights (Option 3) 1075.0lb


+ -
Bucket Capacity - General Purpose 1.31yd3
Bucket Width - General Purpose 7.89ft
Dump Height @ Max Angle - Single Tilt 8.54ft
Dump Height @ Max Angle - IT with QC 8.33ft
Dump Reach @ Max Angle - Single Tilt 2.69ft
Dig Depth - Single Tilt 4.0in
Dump Reach @ Max Angle - IT with QC 2.62ft
Lift Capacity @ Full Height - Single Tilt 6475.0lb
Bucket Breakout Force - Single Tilt 10401.0lb
Bucket Breakout Force - IT with QC 10672.0lb
Dig Depth - IT with QC 6.0in
Lift Capacity @ Full Height - IT with QC 6971.0lb

Hydraulic System

+ -
Circuit Type Closed center, load sensing
Pump Capacity (@ 2200 rpm) 43.0gal/min
System Pressure - Backhoe 3611.0psi
System Pressure - Loader 3307.0psi
Pump Type Variable-flow, axial piston
Steering Type Front wheel
Power Steering Hydrostatic, HMU
2WD Cylinder - Bore 2.6in
Stroke 4.7in
Rod Diameter 1.4in
4WD Cylinder - Bore 2.6in
Stroke 4.7in
Rod Diameter 1.4in
Brake System Inboard, oil-immersed, multiple disc

Power Train

+ -
Power-Shuttle, Forward 1st 3.7mph
Forward 2nd 5.9mph
Forward 3rd 12.0mph
Forward 4th 25.0mph
Power-Shuttle, Reverse 1st 3.7mph
Reverse 2nd 5.9mph
Reverse 3rd 12.0mph
Reverse 4th 25.0mph
Auto-Shift (opt), Forward 1st 3.7mph
Forward 2nd 5.9mph
Forward 3rd 12.0mph
Forward 4th 17.0mph
Forward 5th 26.0mph
Auto-Shift (opt), Reverse 1st 3.7mph
Reverse 2nd 7.8mph
Reverse 3rd 17.0mph

Operating Specifications - Backhoe

+ -
Turning Circle: outside, front wheels 26.84ft
Turning Circle: outside, widest loading bucket 36.0ft

Axle Ratings

+ -
Front Axle, 2WD, Static 50582.0lb
Dynamic 20233.0lb
Front Axle, 4WD, Static 50582.0lb
Dynamic 20233.0lb
Rear Axle, Static 50582.0lb
Dynamic 20233.0lb

Service Refills

+ -
Cooling System 5.4gal
Fuel Tank 45.0gal
Engine Oil w/Filter 2.0gal
Transmission-Torque Converter, 4WD, Power Shuttle 4.9gal
Rear Axle 4.4gal
Rear Axle, Planetaries 0.4gal
Front Axle, 4WD 2.9gal
Front Axle, Planetaries 0.2gal
Hydraulic System 25.1gal
Hydraulic Tank 10.0gal
Transmission-Torque Converter, 4WD, Auto Shift 5.0gal


+ -
Brakes SAE J/ISO 3450, ISO 3450 1996
Cab - ROPS SAE J1040 May 1994/ISO 3741 1994
Cab - FOPS SAE J/ISO 3449 APR98 LEVEL II and ISO 3449: 1992 LEVEL II
Cab - Sound ANSI/SAE J1166 Oct 98 is 80 dB (A)
Exterior Sound SAE J88 JUN86 is 76 dB (A)