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D4K2 Track-Type Tractor

D4K2 Track-Type Tractor

At a Glance

Engine Model
Cat C4.4
Power - Net
92 HP
Operating Weight - XL
18007 lb
Operating Weight - LGP
18686 lb
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Experience the best finish grading tractors in the industry. The Cat® D3K2, D4K2 and D5K2 Track-Type Tractors deliver superior performance and comfort with lower operating costs.


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Engine Model Cat C4.4
Power - Net 92HP
Displacement 269in³
Bore 4.13in
Stroke 5in
Net Power - 2,200 rpm - SAE J1349 92HP
Note Engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IV/Japan 2014 (Tier 4 Final) emission standards.
Net Power - 2,200 rpm - ISO 9249/EEC 80/1269 92HP


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Operating Weight - XL 18007lb
Operating Weight - LGP 18686lb
Note (1) Specifications shown are for machine equipped with dozer blade, canopy ROPS, back-up alarm, operator, coolant, lubricants and full fuel tank.
Note (2) Enclosed cab adds 225 kg (495 lb).


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Drive Pumps 1
Track Motors 2
Relief Valve Settings 7033psi
Maximum Travel Speed - Forward 5.6mile/h
Maximum Travel Speed - Reverse 6.2mile/h

Hydraulic Controls

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Pump Output 17.7gal/min
Relief Valve Settings 2988psi


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Weight 1345lb
Winch Drive Hydrostatic
Control Hydraulic
Speed Variable
Winch Length 27.76in
Drum Diameter 10in
Drum Width 10.8in
Throat Clearance 6.75in
Drum Capacity - Recommended Cable 371ft
Drum Capacity - Optional Cable 256ft
Maximum Line Pull - Bare Drum 40000lb
Maximum Line Pull - Full Drum 25000lb
Maximum Line Speed - Bare Drum 131ft/min
Maximum Line Speed - Full Drum 207ft/min
Overall Width 29.2in
Rope Diameter - Optional 0.75in
Rope Diameter - Recommended 0.63in


+ -
Type Parallelogram
Number of Shanks 3
Height 6.5in
Weight 1222lb
Maximum Digging Depth 13.3in
Maximum Reach - Ground Line 23.5in
Maximum Ground Clearance Under Tip 17.6in
Overall Width 67.3in

Service Refill Capacities

+ -
Crankcase - With Filter 2.91gal (US)
Final Drive - Each - LGP 2.6gal (US)
Transmission - Hydraulic Tank 15.7gal (US)
Cooling System 5.92gal (US)
Fuel Tank 51.5gal (US)
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Tank 4.9gal (US)
Final Drive - Each - XL 2.6gal (US)


+ -
Shoe Width - XL 18in
Shoe Width - LGP 25in
Length - Track on Ground - XL 89in
Length - Track on Ground - LGP 89in
Track Gauge - LGP 68in
Number of Rollers - Each Side 7
Number of Shoes - Each Side - Sealed and Lubricated Track (SALT) Undercarriage 43
Number of Shoes - Each Side - SystemOne Undercarriage 38
Ground Pressure - XL 5.6psi
Ground Contact Area - XL 3206in²
Ground Pressure - LGP 4.2psi
Ground Contact Area - LGP 4425in²
Track Gauge - XL 61in


+ -
FOPS ISO 3449:2005 Level II
ROPS ISO 6396:2008
Sound Levels - ISO 6396:2008 79dB(A)
Sound Levels - SAE J1166 FEB2008 79dB(A)


+ -
BLADE: Blade Capacity (SAE) - Intermediate 1.96yd³
BLADE: Blade Capacity (SAE) - LGP 2.42yd³
BLADE: Blade Capacity (SAE) - XL 2.59yd³
BLADE: Blade Cutting Edge Angle, Adjustable - Intermediate 52° to 58°
BLADE: Blade Cutting Edge Angle, Adjustable - LGP 52° to 58°
BLADE: Blade Cutting Edge Angle, Adjustable - XL 52° to 58°
BLADE: Blade Height - Intermediate 33.9in
BLADE: Blade Height - LGP 35.8in
BLADE: Blade Height - XL 39.8in
BLADE: Blade Lift Height - Intermediate 29.3in
BLADE: Blade Lift Height - LGP 27.9in
BLADE: Blade Lift Height - XL 29.3in
BLADE: Blade Width - Intermediate 115in
BLADE: Blade Width - LGP 124in
BLADE: Blade Width - XL 109.5in
BLADE: Blade Width at Maximum Angle - Intermediate 105.1in
BLADE: Blade Width at Maximum Angle - LGP 113.1in
BLADE: Blade Width at Maximum Angle - XL 100.1in
BLADE: Digging Depth - Intermediate 23.2in
BLADE: Digging Depth - LGP 23.2in
BLADE: Digging Depth - XL 22.5in
BLADE: Maximum Angle (either side) - Intermediate 25°
BLADE: Maximum Angle (either side) - LGP 25°
BLADE: Maximum Angle (either side) - XL 25°
BLADE: Maximum Tilt - Intermediate 17.6in
BLADE: Maximum Tilt - LGP 17.2in
BLADE: Maximum Tilt - XL 15.2in
Ground Clearance - LGP 13in
Ground Clearance - XL 13in
Length - Basic Tractor - Without Blade - LGP 128.9in
Length - Basic Tractor - Without Blade - XL 128.9in
Overall Length - With Blade - LGP 168.3in
Overall Length - With Blade - XL 168.3in
Track Gauge - LGP 67.9in
Track Gauge - XL 61in
Tractor Height - LGP 108.8in
Tractor Height - XL 108.8in
Width - Tractor - Standard Shoes - No Blade - LGP 92.9in
Width - Tractor - Standard Shoes - No Blade - XL 79.1in