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349F L XE Hydraulic Excavator

349F L XE Hydraulic Excavator

At a Glance

Engine Model
Net Flywheel Power
408 HP
Operating Weight
108300 lb
Maximum Travel Speed
2.9 mile/h
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Engine Model Cat C13 ACERT
Net Flywheel Power 408HP
Bore 5.12in
Stroke 6.18in
Displacement 763in³
Engine Power - ISO 14396 317 kW (425 hp/431 PS)
Net Power - SAE J1349 313 kW (420 hp/426 PS)
Gross Power - SAE J1995 322 kW (432 hp/438 PS)


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Operating Weight 108300lb


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Maximum Travel Speed 2.9mile/h
Maximum Drawbar Pull 75300lbf

Service Refill Capacities

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Fuel Tank Capacity 190gal (US)
Cooling System 13.2gal (US)
Swing Drive - Each 2.6gal (US)
Final Drive - Each 4gal (US)
Hydraulic System - Including Tank 150.6gal (US)
Hydraulic Tank 107.5gal (US)
DEF Tank 10.8gal (US)
Engine Oil - With Filter 10gal (US)


+ -
Maximum Swing Torque 137924ft·lbf
Swing Torque 108790ft·lbf
Swing Speed 8.1r/min

Working Ranges - Long Fix Undercarriage: Heavy-Duty Boom R6.9m (22'8

+ -
Minimum Loading Height 7.25ft
Maximum Digging Depth 26.92ft
Maximum Vertical Wall Digging Depth 19.58ft
Maximum Reach - Ground Level 39.83ft
Maximum Loading Height 24.33ft
Maximum Cutting Height 35.17ft

Sound Performance

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Exterior - ISO 6395 108dB(A)
Operator - SAE J1166/ISO 6396 73dB(A)

Hydraulic System

+ -
Swing System - Maximum Flow 99gal/min
Pilot System - Maximum Pressure 598psi
Pilot System - Maximum Flow 6.9gal/min
Maximum Pressure - Travel 5076psi
Maximum Pressure - Swing 3771psi
Maximum Pressure - Equipment - Heavy Lift 5510psi
Main System - Maximum Flow - Total 198gal/min
Maximum Pressure - Equipment - Normal 5076psi

Working Ranges - Long Fix Undercarriage: Heavy-Duty Boom R6.9m (22'8"); R3.9TB HD (12'10") Stick

+ -
Maximum Depth Cut for 2440 mm (8'0") Level Bottom 26.5ft

Machine Weight

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Note *349F L XE with Long FIX undercarriage, 6.9 m (22'8") reach boom, R3.35TB (11'0") HD stick, 9.0 mt (9.9 t) counterweight, 3.1 m3 (4.1 yd3) bucket, 600 mm (24") DG shoes.
Operating Weight* 108300lb

Dimensions - Long Fix Undercarriage: Heavy-Duty Boom R6.9m (22'8

+ -
Track Length 17.58ft
Track Gauge 9ft
Tail Swing Radius 12.17ft
Shipping Length 39ft
Transport Width - 900 mm (35 in) Shoes 11.92ft
Shipping Height 12ft
Note *Without shoe lug height.
Length - Center of Rollers 14.33ft
Ground Clearance 1.67ft
Counterweight Clearance* 4.17ft
Cab Height - With Top Guard 11.25ft
Cab Height 10.5ft