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Wobbler Feeders

Wobbler Feeders

Wobbler Feeders

Metso Outotec wobbler feeders are found in job sites all around the world. Available exclusively at CB Con-Agg, they make an excellent addition to many quarry and aggregate operations, improving productivity and lowering your cost per ton. CB Con-Agg, a division of Cleveland Brothers, is an exclusive provider of Metso Outotec wobbler feeders, crushers and coal conveying equipment for central Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. Contact us today for sales, service, parts, rentals and more.

Boost Material Production by 50% or More!

The unique action of Metso Outotec’s wobbler feeder provides feeding and scalping of materials in a single machine. The Metso Outotec wobbler feeder has been engineered to filter out fines and feed oversized materials directly to your facility’s crusher or impactor. Even wet, sticky materials can often be handled due to the specially designed self-cleaning, non-clogging elliptical bars. This reduces machine stress, improving the life cycle of your equipment and boosting productivity while requiring little in the way of regular maintenance.

For Portable Use or Permanent Installations

Our wobbler feeders operate with low horsepower and headroom requirements, and without vibration, noise or transmitted stresses, making them ideal for both stationary and portable applications. Wobbler feeders can be customized to your individual needs, and will continue to work at top efficiency even when under heaped loads. Typically, the unit will be fed through an apron feeder or directly from a truck, dragline or loader, though other configurations are possible. A variety of capacities are available for light- medium and heavy-duty use.

How It Works

Metso Outotec wobbler feeders are specially designed to handle wet, oversized or sticky product with ease. In a standard configuration, steel elliptical bars are positioned at the bottom of a receiving hopper in alternating horizontal and vertical arrangements. As product is dumped in, wobbler bars rotate, forcing mud, dirt and fines through the opening. This creates a tumbling motion which separates oversized material and works fines onto a conveyor belt. Individual wobbler bars act as self-cleaning separators, which not only reduce the amount of regular maintenance required, but they also produce oversize materials that are free of dirt and clay.

Available in Standard and Combination Configurations

A variety of configurations are available for meeting the duty needs of your specific operation. Wobblers can be choke loaded, creating more positive action on the wobbler bed, which leads to greater efficiency. Standard and combination configurations are both available — contact CB Con-Agg directly for more information or for help choosing the right model for your operation.

After-Sale Support From CB Con-Agg

Purchase a wobbler feeder or other coal conveying equipment for CB Con-Agg, and you’ll get the benefit of our world-class support for as long as you own your machine. We provide 24-hour emergency repairs, preventative maintenance plans and more — contact our team directly to find out more.

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