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Panel Systems

Panel Systems

We offer a wide range of screening panels to cover the need from course to medium fine screening. Our product are designed for maximum durabilty in tough applications.

Trellex PCO

Is a self-supporting screening panel mainly for use in coarse and medium screening operations. An integral steel and cord reinforcement is vulcanised within each panel. The moulded apertures are available in a wide range. Aperture shape is designed to minimise the risk of pegging and maximise the throughput. The thickest panels also have rider bars on the upper surface to increase life in coarse applications.

All Trellex PCO panels are tailor made to match machine size and operating conditions. A complete and wellproven attachment system simplifies both installation and further replacements. Choose Trellex PCO, particularly for around the clock operations, i.e. screens running with the same aperture size all the time and where minimum downtime and low cost per ton is crucial. A proven favourite in mining applications!

Trellex PSS

This is a self-supporting screening medium (similar to Trellex PCO) with heavy-duty steel reinforcement, mainly for coarse screening. Trellex PSS is delivered in a range of standard thicknesses with practically any aperture size and type. Since the self-supporting panels don’t need longitudinal supports, the screening area can be fully utilised.

The same fastening devices, centre hold down and side hold down can be used on both Trellflex and Trellex PCO panels. Stable and reliable design with a wide range of applications.

Trellex PUS

Is used in coarse and intermediate screening, but can also be used for separations down to 15 mm (19/32″). The panels can be supplied in rubber or polyurethane, it is therefore a very versatile and useful screening medium designed for screens with support frames. The panels are reinforced with a steel frame and cords. Chosen as the first choice in coarse screening if the screen has a support frame. No tensioning is needed. The panels are held in place by the same type of attachment as used for Trellex PCO and Trellex PSS.

A wide range of thicknesses and a very large range of aperture sizes and aperture types. A very wide range of applications – and a favourite in the aggregate industry.

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