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Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Cleveland Brothers Preventative Maintenance services

Preventive Maintenance Services

Your Cat® equipment is designed for high performance, durability and longevity. Our total solutions and preventive maintenance services can be customized to fit the unique needs of your business. Whether Cleveland Brothers completes some or all of your equipment maintenance needs, performing the correct services at the right time is crucial for:

» Increasing uptime and availability
» Decreasing unplanned and expensive parts replacement
» Achieving 100% of equipment and component life cycles
» Maximizing equipment performance and Return on Investment (ROI)



CAT operation & maintenance manual

• Your Cat O&MM contains important safety, operating and preventive maintenance information for your current or legacy Cat products and is now available digitally through My.Cat.Com.

• The O&MM guide supplies you with the important maintenance procedures and service intervals that your Cat machines require. We recommend that you follow all of the specified service intervals that are crucial to the longest equipment life cycles. Cleveland Brothers can assist you by providing genuine Cat parts and expertly trained technicians.



• Cleveland Brothers customers have 13,000+ connected assets operating around the clock. Knowing your asset(s) location, service meter reading, machine health, fault and event codes and utilization increases the profit-making potential for every unit.

• My.Cat.Com is where you can find basic connectivity to your new Cat machines. Here you’ll have access to basic telematics, warranty information, preventive maintenance, scheduling, Cat Inspection forms and more. machine telematics

• MyVisionLink.Com is where you can have more data, more often. The VisionLink platform dives deeper into machine health, productivity and utilization. You can set up valuable alerts via text or email to help manage your asset(s).



• Now you can download and complete equipment inspections electronically. This program includes machine-specific, self-guided preventive maintenance checklists that make performing recommended services at the appropriate intervals easier than ever before.

Cleveland Brothers in action on machines• Easily and quickly complete a full machine walk-around inspection on your iPad or iPhone, upload photos, add comments and more (Android system also available).

• Once you’ve completed a digital inspection on the Cat Inspect App, it’s visible and accessible on My.Cat.Com and/or MyVisionLink.Com for you and your company.


• You set the scope for preventive maintenance. Our flexible services can be tailored to your individual needs to maximize uptime and availability.

• TLC (full service option)
– Choose our full range of Caterpillar prescribed preventive maintenance services on your site or in our shop and let a Caterpillar trained expert address the key service points that today’s machines require.
– A digital Cat Inspection with photos and recommendations is available with every preventive maintenance service and emailed directly to you.

• EZKits (do-it-yourself option)
– Choose our routine preventive maintenance EZKit package and complete the services yourself.
– Includes genuine Cat Parts, such as filters, seals, breathers, gaskets and oil sample bottles. You choose how to customize the service intervals that best fit your business.


• A CVA guarantees your pricing. From basic connectivity and preventive maintenance agreements to the inclusion of your machine’s sophisticated powertrain, hydraulic and electrical systems, we can partner with you by providing some or all of your equipment’s needs.

fluid sample analysis

• By partnering with Cleveland Brothers and a CVA, you’ll have access to:
– Caterpillar trained experts
– Enhanced machine connectivity options
– Customizable service programs
– Guaranteed pricing and multi-year terms
– Regular comprehensive machine health reports
– Condition Monitoring recommendations
– Component Life Cycle reporting
– Increased uptime and availability
– Risk Management assistance



• Choose to have a Cat machine expert monitor the health of your machine while you concentrate on your business. Your CMA will continuously monitor and trend valuable machine and service data points to provide specific recommendations regarding actions and/or repair events. These proactive insights help you lower the owning and operating costs of your fleet.


• Engine, powertrain and hydraulic fluid analysis data is turned into valuable recommendations. Our dealer lab processes up to 90,000 individual samples per year. Trained lab technicians check for iron, lead, chrome, glycol (anti-freeze), silicates (dirt) and more.

• Coolant Analysis
– Level 1: determines contamination and chemical balance
– Level 2: adds positive or negative electrical current and exhaust gas entry testing

• Fuel Quality Analysis
– Determines bacterial and fungus contamination
– Determines particle count and API specific gravity



• TA1 inspection includes, but not limited to:
– Interview operator, download ECMs and check Product LinkTM
– Lower-, mid- and upper-level machine and system checks
» Undercarriage, final drives and engine oil pan
» Engine, radiator, hydraulics, body and handrails
» Hood & platform components, wiring and system compartments

• TA2 inspection includes, but not limited to:
– Engine performance checks:
» Pressures, RPM speed and cylinder cutout testing
– Hydraulic performance checks:
» Travel speeds, cylinder speeds & drifts and pump pressures
– Electrical system checks
– Scheduled Oil Sampling (S∙O∙S)
» All compartment fluid analysis taken

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