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Cost Management With Equipment Rental

The Cost-Management Tool

Contractors across the Northeast rely on equipment rental providers like The Cat Rental Store as a fast, reliable way to supplement their core fleets, either for sudden job demands or longer equipment rentals. Cat Rental Stores offer a wide range of allied products for rent, as well as accessories for purchase in addition to a full selection of newer Cat machines and work tools. But, more than that, equipment rental professionals are always working on innovative ways to help contractors manage the costs of operation.

Reduce Financial Commitment

Renting frees up business capital. Rental store staff can help release contracting operations from excessive equipment ownership costs, since expense is incurred only when the equipment is needed on the job. The extra capital saved through renting equipment can then be applied to other demands within your business – so you can grow more profitably.

Renting can increase your borrowing power. Equipment rental does not appear as a liability on an operation’s balance sheet. Renting offers you a better ratio of assets to liabilities, increasing your borrowing power. Rental payments help you budget. Rental payments are fixed and predictable. They can be written off as a current business expense, and don’t appear as a long-term obligation on balance sheets. Plus, personal property tax and license fees don’t apply to rented equipment.

Avoid costly breakdowns with rental equipment. Breakdowns cost your business, not only in repairing the problem, but in idle time as well. The best equipment rental providers supply renters with use of the latest technologies on current, well-maintained machines.

Reduce Financial Commitment

  • Eliminate maintenance costs. Rental agreements typically cover the complete maintenance of the rental equipment. You can eliminate costly service shops, service tooling, spare parts and maintenance records on rental equipment and free up the machine shop staff to service the equipment you own.
  • Eliminate storage and transportation costs. Call your equipment rental provider to deliver your equipment to the jobsite and to pick it back up when the job is over. Your crew saves time and you save transportation cost and storage space at the yard.
  • Eliminate guesswork – demo before you buy. Renting equipment lets your operators test a new machine or work tool in real working conditions to see if it’s the right fit for your fleet. Stop by your local One Call Rentals Store location today. Our knowledgeable staff will be pleased to show you the wide variety of well-maintained, low-hour equipment rental units that can help you maximize your company’s profits.

Selecting the Right Equipment

It’s important to rent the right equipment for the job. The staff at One Call Rentals should be able to help determine the best solutions for your current needs, but there are several factors to note before you head to the rental yard.

  • Consider the underfoot conditions at the work site.? A piece of machinery operating on smooth concrete or asphalt may have different requirements than one working on 4 inches of loose gravel. Tracked machines perform best on soft or wet ground and tread lightly over sensitive surfaces like tree roots or new sod. Some situations may require flotation tires, or for especially harsh environments, solid tires.
  • Consider travel distances. ?If a machine must travel extensively between points on the jobsite, features like Ride Control help make your operator more comfortable and also maximize load retention while traversing rough terrain. The steepness of grades on a jobsite can factor into equipment choice as well. Tracked machines are often better able to handle hilly sites than their wheeled counterparts because they have the most surface area in contact with the ground.
  • Know the dimensions of the machine you need. ?Does it have to fit through the narrow opening of a yard gate? Will it need to work next to a retaining wall or a lane of traffic? Operators can work confidently next to buildings or walls in Compact Radius Hydraulic Excavators because the machine’s upper frame does not extend beyond its tracks when it swings.
  • Lift capacity is another important factor.? In general, choose the smallest machine that will get the job done. But don’t cut yourself short on size and power. If the machine lacks ample power for job requirements, it may take longer to complete the work.
  • Consider the use of attachments at the jobsite. ?These tools help crews complete multiple tasks with one machine, eliminating the need to rent and transport additional dedicated-task machines. A wide variety of machine-matched Work Tools are available from equipment manufacturers like Caterpillar®. Look for Quick Couplers that allow the operator to change tools, often without leaving the cab. Machines with high-flow hydraulics maximize the power of certain Work Tools like augers and planers. If a job requires extensive use of such tools, renting a high-flow machine may be the best solution. The intended payload will help determine bucket selection. High-capacity light material buckets are best for loosely packed loads of wood chips or topsoil, while heavy-duty industrial grapple buckets are better equipped to accommodate irregularly shaped scrap materials.

Whatever your needs turn out to be, don’t hesitate to call One Call Rentals. 1-888-599-RENT (7368)

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