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Sullair Compressors

An industry leader since 1965, Sullair uses its expertise to provide superior compressed air solutions. Cleveland Brothers is proud to offer a great selection of Sulliar compressors to meet the needs of clients throughout central and western Pennsylvania. We offer both portable and stationary compressors for permanent and semi-permanent installations. For agriculture, automotive or any other industry application, our team can match you with the product that’s right for your needs. Contact the Cleveland Brothers location near you today for more information.

Our Products

With a diverse product line, Cleveland Brothers has a Sullair compressor that’s right for you. Some of our more popular products include:

  • ShopTek™: The ShopTek line of Sullair air compressors is an excellent entry level choice for commercial use. Ranging from 5 to 20 hp, ShopTek compressors are easy to maintain and inexpensive to operate, while still delivering reliable power for any air-driven tools. ShopTek compressors are ideal for any smaller business looking for a continuous duty air compressor that is quiet and features a small footprint.
  • S-Energy®: For heavier-duty air power needs, the S-Energy series offers optimal performance in small spaces. Delivering between 30 and 100 hp, S-Energy compressors feature a unique single-stage fluid injection system ideal for a range of applications. Like all Sullair products, S-Energy compressors are quiet, easy to maintain and feature low operating costs.

In addition to providing a great selection of Sullair compressors, Cleveland Brothers also offers the parts selection and service expertise required to keep any unit running its best. Contact us for emergency repairs, preventative maintenance and more. Several convenient financing options are also available. Contact our team today for more information!

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About Sullair

In 1968, after establishing itself in markets that use portable compressors, Sullair introduced stationary rotary screw compressors for the industrial market. Later, responding to market need for clean and dry air in specialized applications, Sullair developed air treatment systems for their compressors. Also in response to client need, Sullair developed a line of proprietary compressor fluids and related products. Sullair has also utilized its rotary screw expertise to produce high efficiency two-stage and encapsulated compressors, vacuum systems, and air tools. With manufacturing facilities on three continents and a worldwide distribution network, Sullair serves clients in every corner of the globe.

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