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Wilds Sonshine Factory Builds Community

By Brittney
May 9, 2022

Conservation and utilizing natural resources are two key factors to the newest distillery and conservation education center known as Wilds Sonshine Factory (WSF), located in Kane, Pa. With a mission to produce distilled spirits while honoring the region’s natural resources and local heritage, WSF is committed to educating visitors of the rich local history in […]

Cat Wheel Loader

Managing Construction Delays Due to Weather

By Cleveland Brothers
February 3, 2022

Weather can often play a critical role during a construction project. Adverse weather is one of the primary causes for scheduling delays in the construction and contracting industries, with negative impacts costing billions of dollars each year in the U.S. alone. Heavy winds and rain in the spring, excessive heat in the summer, cold temperatures and […]

Why Are Construction Material Prices Increasing?

By Cleveland Brothers
December 16, 2021

Material costs have increased significantly for workers in contracting and construction industries, causing some builders to rework the pricing on their jobs. Even homeowners have been affected by the rising prices of construction materials, as some home improvement supplies have become almost unaffordable. Lumber and steel, two of the most popular construction materials, have experienced […]

Next Gen Technology Advances Penn Mechanical Group, Inc. (PMG)

By Brittney
December 6, 2021

When it comes to the Shank family and their locally owned and operated business, only one word comes to mind—dirt. Whether it’s moving ground to prep a drill site or mass excavation and grading for a new commercial building, where you can find dirt, you can also find Penn Mechanical Group, Inc. (PMG) employees hard […]

How to Increase Your Air Compressor’s Efficiency

By Cleveland Brothers
November 16, 2021

Compressed air is widely used in numerous industrial and commercial fields as a vital energy source and continues to grow in popularity. Air compressors are suited for countless applications, from manufacturing and pharmaceuticals to agriculture and everything in between. Though compressed air is an excellent resource across numerous industries, it tends to be less energy-efficient […]