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Air Compressor Lubricants

When you rely on compressed air to power the machines and tools you count on every day, it’s in your best interest to protect your investment. As a trusted name in air compression, Sullair® produces premium quality rotary screw compressor fluids that stand up to the toughest jobs and harshest environments.

Resist the temptation to replace your air compressor lubricants with cheap alternative products. Cleveland Brothers carries Sullair fluids engineered for optimal performance and energy efficiency to keep your business running smoothly.

Sullube® Air Compressor Lubricant

An 8,000-hour Polyglycol-based lubricant that’s been a staple of the Sullair fluid line for more than a quarter-century, Sullube® provides excellent longevity, efficient cooling and a high flash point. This eco-friendly fluid is specially designed for removing varnish from machines running on hydrocarbon fluids, as it effectively stops sludge from forming to keep compressors running clean.

24KT™ Air Compressor Lubricant

A trailblazing product, 24KT™ was an industry-first long-life compressor lubricant with an unmatched ten-year air end warranty. 24KT is made from a silicone-base stock that refuses to break down, helping you save time and money by never having to change your compressor fluid under normal operating conditions.

PristineFG™ Food Grade Compressor Lubricant

New from Sullair, PristineFG™ provides a superior food-grade lubricant that raises the bar in the industry. PristineFG is safe for use with specific food requirements such as Halal and Kosher, and it provides up to 6,000 hours of performance and reduced consumption. It’s made for use in both high and low temperatures, and it is extremely varnish-resistant, prolonging the life of machines while reducing maintenance costs.

AWF™ Air Compressor Lubricant

An all-weather fluid that stands up to the most rigorous environments and climates, AWF™ can last more than three times as long as competing products. This lubricant for portable air compressors will operate in extreme hot and cold conditions, can handle continuous humid environments and resist varnishing even while running in warm temperatures for extended periods of time.

SRF1-4000™ Air Compressor Lubricant

A hydro-treated, petroleum-base fluid for the full line of rotary screw vacuum pumps from Sullair, SRF™ resists varnish and breakdown with a change interval of one year or 4,000 hours. It’s engineered to reduce maintenance by outperforming standard mineral-based lubricants, and it has a high viscosity index to keep fluids stable in varying temperatures.

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