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Air Compressor Vacuums

Whether you’re manufacturing plastics, assembling furniture or administering vital patient healthcare, air compressor vacuums are essential to countless critical applications.

When you need the low-noise, powerful performance and superior efficiency of a superior air compressor, Cleveland Brothers carries a complete line of Sullair® rotary screw vacuum systems with options to fit nearly every need.

Rotary Screw Air Compressor Vacuums

VS Series air compressors take efficiency to new levels, thanks to innovative Sullair rotary screw technology. The system effectively removes the need for water acquisition, water treatment and water disposal expenses by utilizing an air-cooled system that operates without the use of seal water. The result is improved performance with operating costs reduced to nearly half that of similar compressor vacuums.

Complete-Package Air Compressor Vacuums

The Sullair complete package vacuum system means you get a single-piece unit with no additional components to purchase, easing the burden of assembly and installation. Everything is tested prior to shipping so that vacuums deliver optimal performance straight out of the box.

The advanced instrumentation and monitoring system includes a simple and reliable electro mechanical panel that makes maintenance easy and precise. The capacity modulation feature matches capacities to demand for energy efficiency, while it also stabilizes the system and reduces wear caused by starting and stopping. With a high-pressure shutdown switch to prevent loss of fluid and a protective shutdown system to avoid damage caused by high temperatures or low oil pressure, these smart Sullair machines out-pace the competition.

Options for the VS Series range from enclosure and dual control to power failure auto restart and TEFC or ODP premium efficiency motors. The VS Series comes in 16 models, including specialty simplex and duplex hospital suction packages.

The VS Rotary Screw Vacuum System

Entry to top-quality Sullair air compressor vacuums starts with the VS-10, featuring an air-cooled system producing 5 to 15 hp and capacities from 78 to 195 acfm. Next up are the VS-12 and VS-16 models, featuring either air- or water-cooled systems with a range of 15 to 50 hp and capacities from 245 to 630 acfm. Finally, the powerful VS-20, VS-25 and VS-30 air- or water-cooled units handle applications calling for anywhere from 60 to 200 hp and capacities from 810 to 3095 acfm.

Find the Sullair air compressor vacuum that’s right for your application by calling Cleveland Brothers for a quote today.

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