Certified Rebuild Services


A Cat® machine is the best investment in productivity you can make. When most competitive models would require replacement, Cat equipment and components can be rebuilt to deliver a cost-effective “second life.” Cat machines are built to be rebuilt.

Restoring a key component’s original performance and durability—plus incorporating product enhancements introduced after it was manufactured—improves the reliability of your machine and greatly extends its productive service life. A Cat Certified Equipment Rebuild performed by Cleveland Brothers returns your equipment to like-new condition, helping you get maximum return on your original machine investment.

Reasons To Utilize a Cat Certified Rebuild:

  1. Get the most economic value out of your original equipment investment.
  2. Keep your preferred equipment while restoring its original performance and productivity levels.
  3. Benefit from product enhancements introduced after your equipment was first manufactured.
  4. Choose to upgrade optional features and technologies to current standards, which is a great way to reduce costs, boost productivity and enhance efficiency at a much lower price than buying new.
  5. Get same-as-new support and services from your dealer and financing options through Cat Financial.

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Yesterday’s Machine, Today’s Standards

We constantly update Cat equipment to improve performance, efficiency, comfort, safety and serviceability. Some features may not have been available when you first acquired your machine, and some you may have opted not to purchase. With Cat Certified Rebuild programs, you not only get many engineering updates, but you also get the choice to upgrade or retrofit with new features and options available on today’s models. It’s an affordable way to enhance your machine even further while it’s already in the shop for a rebuild with no additional downtime required.

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