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Cleveland Brothers

Affordable Cat Parts & Easy On Your Budgets

Rebuilt parts save money, and leave you feeling confident in the Cat quality within your machine. We take many steps during any remanufacturing process to ensure that your equipment gets a second life. We:

  1. Inspect equipment thoroughly.
  2. Quote the rebuild accurately.
  3. Disassemble your machine completely.
  4. Conduct extensive tests.
  5. Replace worn parts or rebuild failing components.
  6. Refine performance.
  7. Re-assemble your machine to Caterpillar standards.
  8. Paint the equipment.
  9. Assign new machine identification.
  10. Provide a Caterpillar-backed warranty.

Improve Your Bottom Line With Parts and Services From Cleveland Brothers

Quality parts can make a difference in operating costs. The undercarriage of any heavy machine, for example, comprises up to 75% of the cost to operate the equipment. The life of loader tracks and other “underbelly” parts can be extended and preserved through proper maintenance, timely service and well-matched replacement parts.

Cleveland Brothers offers a number of innovative parts and services to help you increase profitability.

For example, we partner with GoGreenAPU, a Pennsylvania-based company formed to address the anti-idling and emission issues of the trucking industry. You can get an auxiliary power unit that reduces truck-engine idling time and emissions. These systems hold the potential to improve performance and reduce operating costs, as well as ensure your vehicle complies with new laws governing idle time and emissions.

Cleveland Brothers also offers custom track service (CTS). This program helps you predict the amount of life left in the tracks of your machine, complete crucial maintenance at correct intervals and find any issues before they become problems or cause delays.

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